Alfred Hitchcock

New on Video: ‘Jamaica Inn’

Though a rare misstep for Alfred Hitchcock, it’s probably best to think of Jamaica Inn as more of a stepping stone, a small hurdle that took the great director from his generally superb British work to his phenomenal Hollywood career

New on Video: ‘Sullivan’s Travels’

It’s little wonder “Sullivan’s Travels” came in at number 61 on the American Film Institute’s 2007 list of the top 100 motion pictures. This is a great, great film.

White God Zsoter Sandor

‘White God’ Movie Review – is an original genre film but lacks political bite

Dogs rise up against their human masters in Kornél Mundruczó’s White God, a film that is part-political allegory and part-bloody genre piece. The opening sequence shows a girl riding her bicycle through the sunny but deserted streets of Budapest, looking anxiously around her as she passes abandoned cars and empty buildings. Suddenly, from around the corner, hundreds of dogs appear, running with purpose, chasing and overtaking her. At this point, it feels like an apocalyptic dream, but, when White God returns to the scene later on, it has been contextualised in a narrative of oppression and justified revolt.

New on Video: ‘Foreign Correspondent’

With the filmmaker’s customary humor, characterizations, staging, editing tricks, and a variety of camera effects, “Foreign Correspondent” is quintessentially, and unmistakably, a classic Hitchcock movie.

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