Alison Brie

Sundance 2015: You should abstain from ‘Sleeping with Other People’

With each new inferior romantic-comedy, you come to appreciate the delicate brilliance of When Harry Met Sally just a little bit more. Sleeping with Other People is a particularly egregious offender because it borrows so heavily from the classic. Though it tries very hard (too hard) to please, it can’t overcome its faulty premise, miscast leads, and ill-conceived gags. This is a rom-com with very few laughs and even fewer romantic sparks.

‘The Kings of Summer’ an explosively funny, winning coming-of-age story

It is a blessing and a curse to be a teenager with a wayward imagination, the former because even the most mundane objects in life can be imbued with some sense of mystery and wonder, and the latter because the more fantastical you make the world, the more let down you’ll be when reality sets in.

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