American Sniper

Hot-take (or the Virtue of Ignorance)

In the age of social media, “hot take” articles incite outrage and polar, ideological opinions on movies no one has seen, influencing the way moviegoers perceive films.

American Sniper

Movie Lovers Podcast Episode #9 – American Sniper and Coen Brothers Films

On today’s episode of the Movie Lovers Podcast, Katherine and Chris discuss Clint Eastwood’s ‘American Sniper’ and their likes and dislikes of the Coen Brothers films with guest Randall Unger from Topics include the transformation of Bradley Cooper, comparisons between other war films like ‘Apocalypse Now,’ ‘Fury,’ and ‘Saving Private Ryan.’ The Movie Lovers Podcast hosts also discuss the agism of Client Eastwood, what Coen Brothers films are the best for a mass audience, and how Bill Murray almost made an animated Coen Brothers film. Put us in your ear, and enjoy! And don’t forget to Watch More Film! Check us out on Facebook and Twitter, and subscribe to us on iTunes under the Movie Lovers Podcast. Reviews and comments are much appreciated.

‘American Sniper’ stumbles, but Bradley Cooper shines

After unsuccessful forays into musicals and political biopics with Jersey Boys and J. Edgar, Clint Eastwood returns to more traditionally masculine material usually associated with his filmmaker persona. With American Sniper, he tackles the drama and real-life accounts of Navy SEAL sniper Chris Kyle, but as compelling as the on-the-ground combat is, the real story worth telling is largely ignored for the pyrotechnics.

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