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‘Ultimate Marvel Team-Up’ #2-3 introduces Hulk in a fun, uneven way

Ultimate Marvel Team-Up #2-3 succeeds on a superficial level with artists Phil Hester and Ande Parks showing the Hulk’s destructive, powerhouse nature compared to the spindly Spider-Man, who can only bait him or run away. (They do get points off for making Spidey’s webs looking like used bubble gum.) Writer Brian Michael Bendis also deserves credit for depicting Spider-Man simultaneous heroism and freaking out and ending the story with Peter Parker passed on the couch in front of the TV, like most people do after a hard day’s work. However, though still a disaster film worthy smashing machine courtesy of Hester, the Hulk is a one dimensional wrecking crew and could’ve easily been subbed in for the Abomination.

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‘Beyond Belief #1’: An Entertainingly Good Time

Are you a fan of Beyond Belief from The Thrilling Adventure Hour? Or do you enjoy your horror stories with comedy? Readers with background with Beyond Belief the radio show will delight in the portrayal of Frank and Sadie Doyle, upper class spiritualists, especially with the radio show writers Acker and Blacker on the project. For new readers, the comic offers humor and fun. The drawbacks of Beyond Belief #1 are the plot coming from the first story.

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