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    Watch: What if ‘Ant-Man’ was directed by Werner Herzog

    Is a Werner Herzog superhero movie on the horizon? Nope, but this is pretty close. Filmmaker Patrick (H) Williams begged the questions, “what if Werner Herzog made a superhero movie?” with one of the most recent offerings, Marvel’s Ant-Man. It’s a clever video with Herzog-esque voiceover and dialogue going over images of the hero, Scott […] More

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    15 Best films of the 2015 Fantasia Film Festival

    Horror, fantasy, Hong Kong action, animation, strange documentaries, thought-provoking science-fiction, Japanese new wave and martial arts are just among the many genres the Fantasia Film Festival covered in its nineteenth year of programming. Famous for being the largest genre film festival in North America, Fantasia is packed with Canadian, North American and worldwide feature-length premieres […] More

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    Of Ants and Men: Could Ant-Man lead the way back to the resized hero?

    Resizing heroes could be back. And not before time. As a sub genre within science fiction and the fantastical, resizing fiction’s range and quality has provided exceptionally imaginative worlds from it’s birthings in literature with Swift’s Gulliver’s Travels through to film with Jack Arnold’s The Incredible Shrinking Man to Irwin Allen’s Land Of The Giants for TV. But movies […] More

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    To Better Know a Hero: Ant-Man

    Ant-Man is a superhero identity that’s actually been used by three different characters of note and, despite the fact that Lang is the character being used in the Marvel Studios feature film, he is, arguably, the least of the three characters. Hank Pym originated the identity and though he quickly discarded it in favor of the more overtly powerful Giant-Man (using his size-changing Pym Particles to get bigger instead of smaller, a switch Pym-creator Stan Lee has said was triggered by artists failing to depict the world around the shrunken Pym in proper perspective), it was as Ant-Man that Pym helped co-found the Avengers (and come up with their name), and though he quickly left the specific Ant-Man identity behind, Pym remains a stalwart member of the Avengers. More

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    Will Phase Three End the Marvel Cinematic Universe?

    Ant-man hits theaters on Friday, and with its release marks the end of Phase Two of the Marvel Cinematic Universe, with Phase Three kicking-off next May. Depending on how big of a Marvel fan you are, this news will come as either exciting, or painfully boring. A surprise appearance by Agent Fury (Samuel L. Jackson) in […] More

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    Kevin Tong’s ‘Ant-Man’ Poster Art

    Mondo is once again attending San Diego Comic-Con in order to show off a wide variety of products from an incredible team of designers and talented artists. Below is just one of the many things you can find at their booth this year. Kevin Tong’s Ant-Man poster is printed on holofoil, a unique reflective surface, […] More

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