Beasts of No Nation

‘Beasts of No Nation’ blunts its impact

Although the achievements of director Cary Joji Fukunaga in the first season of True Detective have never been widely disputed, the disastrous second season, produced without Fukunaga at the helm, made his contribution all the more apparent. The astonishing six-minute tracking shot midway through season one was an obvious high point, but Fukunaga embedded visual information throughout the season which brought the setting and characters to life. Beyond the convoluted plot, season two missed these sorts of details, leaving a bland detective show without enough aesthetic idiosyncrasies to make it compelling.

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TIFF ’15 – Victor’s Top 5 Films at TIFF

North America’s largest film festival, TIFF, celebrated its 40th anniversary by unleashing a prodigious 399 films on the city of Toronto. With only 10 days and 240 hours to take them all in, missing out on a few highly anticipated movies is part of the festival experience — I was disappointed that I didn’t have the chance to catch The Lobster, Green Room and Dheepan.

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