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Footprints Volume 1: Iced Review

  Footprints Volume 1: Iced Written by Joey Esposito Art by Jonathan Moore   Mr. Foot is a sasquatch who lives among humans as a private investigator. His friends The Jersey Devil, The Lock Ness Monster, Le Chupacabra, and Megalodon all form a team of investigators meant to track down other oddities like themselves until …

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Troma Presents: Bigfoot

“filled with uninspired performances and bad, bad jokes.” Bigfoot Directed by Bob Gray 2006, Troma films It’s not every day you come across a movie as bad as Bob Gray’s Bigfoot.  Shot on some of the cruddiest and taking no real pride in its form, Bigfoot, proves to be a frustrating, torturous experience in patience.  Other …

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