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    The Definitive Romantic Comedies: 20-11

    So, we’ve arrived at the top 20, slowly creeping toward those films that are exactly what a romantic comedy should be. We’ve seen films that fall into the category, but lean more toward other genres. We’ve seen romantic films that are funny enough to be comedies, but don’t entirely represent the spirit of the rom-com, […] More

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    The Definitive Romantic Comedies: 40-31

    Welcome back to the Definitive List, where for the inaugural top 50, we’re counting down the best romantic comedies. The majority of numbers 50 through 41 weren’t so traditional. A secret-admirer movie, a period piece, a “These two don’t make sense together” movie, and a French fantasy among them, but we still managed to squeak […] More

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    The Definitive Romantic Comedies: 50-41

    We all have predisposed notions about the infamous “romantic comedy.” As with other genres, there’s a large subsection of offerings, giving it a bad name. But, for every tired, cliché-driven comedy, there is another impressive offering that redefines the genre, garners plenty of laughs, and tells an honest story about love and relationships, however warped […] More

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    The News Reel #24: Ewoks are the Key to Feminist Criticism

    SOS This Week is now The News Reel! In our latest episode, guest Caroline Siede from The AV Club discusses her article about Return of the Jedi and how the cuddly Ewoks and fandom may be a perfect example of understanding feminist criticism. Siede also gives other examples of films that have feminist undertones, but why […] More

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    First trailer for ‘The Jungle Book’ asks you to stay close in the jungle

    “Stay close, my cub.” The first trailer for director Jon Favreau’s adaptation of Disney’s The Jungle Book dropped on Tuesday and puts us in a dark and frightening place. The film stars Scarlett Johannson, Idris Elba, Bill Murray, Lupita Nyong’o, Giancarlo Esposito, Christopher Walken, Ben Kingsley, and newcomer Neel Sethi as Mowgli. The story is […] More

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    Bill Murray explains why he decided to cameo in Paul Feig’s ‘Ghostbusters’

    Ghostbusters fans rejoiced earlier in August when it was announced that Bill Murray, after years of saying no to appearing in a new Ghostbusters movie, will indeed be making a cameo in Paul Feig’s new film. Feig’s all-female Ghostbusters film is under way, with a power house comedy cast including Kristen Wiig, Melissa McCarthy, Leslie Jones, and Kate McKinnon. And […] More

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    SOS This Week #19: **SPOILER ALERT**

    In this week’s episode, we discuss spoiler culture and debate whether a movie being spoiled by rumors and competing blogs is good for blockbusters. We also examine a few cases of this, including Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice, Avengers: Age of Ultron, Captain America: Civil War, Ghostbusters 3, and Star Wars: The Force Awakens. […] More

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    Bill Murray will make a cameo in Paul Feig’s ‘Ghostbusters’

    A Ghostbusters reboot has been massive news for a while now, but this latest update is something of absolutely Biblical proportions. I’m talking human sacrifice, dogs and cats living together, mass hysteria! Bill Murray will make a cameo in Paul Feig’s Ghostbusters movie. Murray was spotted on set in Boston and was later confirmed to […] More

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