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Best Comics of 2015 (So Far) Part 1

2015 has been quite the eclectic year for comics, and this fact is reflected in our top ten list. Image Comics continues to be the true house of ideas with books ranging from a feminist twist on exploitation films to a murder mystery set in 1940s Hollywood and even a LGBTQ-friendly parody of He-Man and the Masters of the Universe. Even though they are in the middle of big events (Convergence and Secret Wars), DC and Marvel respectively still have room for offbeat takes on their iconic or not so iconic characters and are represented on this list along with Valiant, which has attracted a veritable Murderer’s Row of creator to shape and develop their shared universe.

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Valiant comics ‘Bloodshot’ and ‘Harbinger’ getting movie adaptations

Marvel and DC aren’t the only two comics companies churning out page-turning, pulpy action, and now they won’t be the only two studios duking it out for superiority on the big screen either. Valiant Entertainment last month received a huge investment in their movie and TV development arm, and THR today reported that the comic publishing …

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