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    GFF 2014: ‘The Grand Budapest Hotel’ is perhaps Wes Anderson’s most ambitious film to date, and one of his best

    More than perhaps any other director, the work of Ernst Lubitsch has been the most noticeable influence on Wes Anderson’s style. Though the great German-American writer-director, most prolific in the 1930s and 1940s, was never quite so aesthetically bold in the look of his sets, he too was preoccupied with meticulous staging for comedy within his chosen locales, be they the titular Shop Around the Corner or the Parisian hotel of Ninotchka; The Grand Budapest Hotel is set in a fictional European country, the Republic of Zubrowka, another Lubitsch trait from works like The Merry Widow and The Love Parade, though The Shop Around the Corner happens to be set in the city Anderson’s mountaintop lodging house takes its name from. He garnered the descriptor of ‘the Lubitsch touch’ thanks to the moving sincerity that always made itself evident within even his more broad comedic premises, and Anderson’s own best work is that in which a recognisable humanism always makes itself known and potent even within the stylised stiltedness through which most of his characters are written and performed. More

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    ‘Family Tree’, The HBO series from Christopher Guest, gives viewers a chance to make their own awkward family photos

    Christopher Guest has, over the course of his filmmaking career, developed a distinct comedic style, one that has garnered him critical acclaim and a loyal following. Like many auteurs, Guest will soon be taking his talent to the ever-growing television medium, having inked a deal with cable channel HBO to co-create a show with Jim […] More

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    ‘Society’, ‘Parents’, ‘Anguish’ and ‘The Birthday’

    On the fifth edition of the special blend on Sound on Sight we like to call Sordid Cinema, it’s an hour of intercontinental experimental horror. Corey Feldman stars in Eugenio Mira’s impossible-to-find dark comedy/thriller hybrid The Birthday, Christopher Guest regular Bob Balaban (!) directs Randy Quaid in the grisly Parents, effects man Brian Yuzna runs […] More