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    The Forgotten Auteur: Bob Fosse

      Most people today would likely be shocked to think that in 1972, The Godfather went into the Oscars anything but a sure bet for Best Picture. Aside from Casablanca and Citizen Kane it is recognized as the greatest American film of all time and in hind sight most people forget that not only was […] More

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    The Definitive Movie Musicals: 20-11

    The clear difficulty of identifying the definitive movie musicals is separating the musical itself from the film version. The Phantom of the Opera is, without a doubt, a top ten definitive stage musical. Movie musical? Not so much. Drawing a clear line between the two is what makes this list a little trickier. For this […] More

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    Burlesque Soundtrack: Bob Fosse meets Christina Aguilera

    The Golden Globes are now in the past, but the nominees, winners, fashion and controversies all still linger on, dissected in depth and debated obsessively. Among the list of winners is Burlesque’s “You Haven’t Seen the Last of Me,” recipient of the esteemed Golden Globe Award for Best Original Song, edging out fellow Burlesque nominee […] More