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‘Kennel Block Blues’ #4 fights through mayhem for freedom

Kennel Block Blues #4 wraps up an excellent series that had all members of the creative team providing a high level of quality within their own expertise to capture a real sense of heart, humour, and entertainment, all while continuing to play with the comic form.

‘The Last Contract’ #4 is a bullet-riddled finale

The Last Contract is ultimately the story of a man, a nameless hitman, who represents, in a Sisyphus-like manner, someone who cannot escape the world and activities they have been cursed to repeat. Even after retirement and an attempt at making a life for himself, The Man has found himself in the middle of a heated scenario.

‘Lumberjanes’ #24 shows the power of teamwork

Lumberjanes #24 ends the selkie arc as it hits its next stride. Taking examples from the girls themselves, the creative team works together to bring the arc home in a satisfying way. While Watters, Leyh, Pietsch, Laaiho and Aiese may not be going for the same badge April was in this arc, but they certainly deserve one after delivering a finale where everyone gets to shine while still wrapping up the story in a way that never feels too rushed or leaves anything hanging. This is the kind of story you want going into the third year of a comic, and it doesn’t disappoint.

‘Welcome Back’ #6 brings the end of the line

There’s the infamous Joker quote from The Dark Knight that gets applied to wrestlers Sami Zayn and Kevin Owens a lot more lately. “You and I are destined to do this forever.” That’s essentially what the story of Mali and Tessa has been up until this point. Two souls locked in conflict until the end of time, always coming back and finding each other. Welcome Back #6 throws a wrench in that concept though and explores if it is possible for them to do so.

‘Kennel Block Blues’ #2 Initiates Prison Trope #29: Escape

The creative team continues to present a very playful and funny prison drama, parodying the genre in all the right ways so far. Switching Oliver’s fantasy sequences to more morose images was rather unexpected but definitely works with the ante going up and the action moving forward in this issue.

‘Adventure Time’ #50 is very continuity heavy

With a plot steeped deep in Adventure Time lore, Adventure Time #50 wasn’t for me, but more knowledgeable fans may get a kick out of it. The comic is technically sound though with creative lettering from Steve Wands to show how overblown and melodramatic the Lich is, bright and spooky colors from Maarta Laiho, and fun, expressive art from Ian McGinty. If you like a certain type of pet or hero cycles, the last few pages will be a treat.

‘Power Rangers’ #1 Turns a Commercial for Children into Art for Adults

As of this moment, POWER/RANGERS UNAUTHORIZED has 17,539,292 views. Even counting for repeat viewings, such speaks to the many millions of Power Rangers fans thirsty for new content featuring such classic characters updated to appeal to more modern and mature sensibilities. Higgins and Prasetya’s new ongoing more than satisfies that thirst. While comics have never reached so large an audience, every fan of that fan film owes it to themselves to check out issue #1 of Mighty Morphin Power Rangers. For all their tonal differences, both are equally reverent translations of commercials for children into art for adults. And best of all, the comic is just getting started. Now is the time to jump aboard the series. Now… “It’s Morphin Time!”

‘The Last Contract’ #2 adds some tension by slowing down the pace

The first issue of The Last Contract introduced the main character without a name, designated only as ‘The Man.’ He was last left off on the hunt, forced out of retirement, for a blackmailer who holds some information that ties The Man and a fellow criminal named Burrell amongst others to a list of hits that, if publicized, would reveal their hidden businesses.

Everyone is Crazy in Love in ‘Jonesy’ #1

With its visual flair courtesy of artist Caitlin Rose Boyle and colorist Mickey Quinn and a lead character that is part passionate fangirl and part misanthrope, Jonesy #1 is one of the most fun new releases of 2016.

‘John Flood’ #6 reveals truths hidden from the shadows

John Flood #6 is a revealing issue that utilizes both the telling script of Justin Jordan, the stunning artwork of Jorge Coelho (whom easily has his most intensely drawn issue) and the colours of Tamra Bonvillain who switches between wide open blue/green skies to red blotches of blood that stain clothes and splatter from the moments of violence.

‘The Last Contract’ #1 is a stylish and intriguing beginning

The Last Contract starts off with a heavy foot to the pedal, creating a world quite quickly with characters that have a real sense of history. It is very difficult to take a hitman as a character and produce a story that feels fresh and exciting but it appears that this title is in more than capable hands.

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