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    Gods are Forever in ‘Justice League’ #47

    With the clock winding down and with only 3 issues in the War to go, not all of the characters are at the forefront in Justice League #47, but it works lest the already packed title become overstuffed with players. With the main artist back on to finish the event, the “Darkseid War” should begin to wrap up character arcs and pick up steam to change the landscape of DC Universe in issue 50. More

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    Conflict Builds in ‘The Dark Knight III’ #2

    The Dark Knight III #2 has some wooden dialogue and a chase scene that is a little too similar to last issue’s magnificent one, but it does a great job establishing the characters of Carrie Kelly’s Batman and Lara while setting up the conflict between humanity and the Master Race. The Wonder Woman backup story is a real treat and positions Diana as a wild card in the issues to come in her roles as both warrior and mother. (Risso nails this part of her as she swings a sword with a baby slung on her back.) More

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    ‘Dark Knight III’ #1 is triumphant and tragic

    The Dark Knight III #1 is bombastic in its themes and scale and type of art drawn by Andy Kubert, Klaus Janson, and Brad Anderson. There are ideological differences between gods and mortals, the law and citizens hinted at or show vividly on the page with blood flowing like red wine on the Gotham rooftops leading to the kind of conflict that spawns one of the biggest, final page cliffhangers in recent memory. More

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    Batman Eternal #1 is a Fast Start to the New Weekly Series

    Batman Eternal #1 Written by Scott Snyder and James Tynion IV Art by Jason Fabok Colored by Brad Anderson Published by DC Comics With a jaw dropping first page (actually the end of the whole Batman Eternal story), Batman Eternal #1 goes full throttle from the beginning and never lets up on the gas. Scott Snyder and James Tynion have […] More

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    The 2000’s: A Vital Decade in Horror Cinema

    Many film websites published “decade’s best horror films” lists in late 2009/early 2010. While these lists collectively provided a rough snapshot of the genre’s ups and downs during that time, with more time to reflect, it becomes increasingly clear what an important period the 2000’s were for the horror genre on a global scale. Not […] More

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    Trailer #2: ‘Vanishing On 7th Street’

    Having established himself as a talented director of cinematic terror with Session 9 and The Machinist, Brad Anderson once again carries his affection for old-fashioned thrillers with his latest film, Vanishing On 7th Street. Taking inspiration from a scenario you’d expect to see in classic TV shows such as The Twilight Zone or Outer Limits, […] More

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    TIFF 2010 Trailer #3: Vanishing on 7th Street

    The trailer for Brad Anderson’s latest,Vanishing on 7th Street, has hit the web.  The film was recently added to the Midnight Madness program at the Toronto International Film Festival.  The post apocalyptic horror film stars Hayden Christensen, John Leguizamo, and Thandie Newton.  My thoughts and a synopsis from the Toronto International Film Festival after the […] More

  • Electronic Press Release For Brad Anderson’s “Vanishing on 7th Street”

    Brad Anderson has been on of the most underappreciated American film directors in the past ten years. His films have varied from Sundance Film Festival audience favorites Next Stop Wonderland and Happy Accidents to darker themed movies such as Session 9 and The Machinist. His last film, Transsiberian flew under everyone’s radar. The thriller starring […] More

  • Brad Anderson attached to direct The Living and the Dead

    According to Comics2Film at, director Brad Anderson (The Machinist, Session 9) is set to direct a feature based on the 128 page epic and terrifying  graphic novel by Robert Tinnell and Todd Livngston, the creators of The Black Forest and The Wicked West. Brad Anderson who has become known for his work on edgy […] More

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