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    ‘Serena’ is an incoherent mess

    Based on a bestselling novel by Ron Rash, Serena, as brought to the screen by director Susanne Bier and screenwriter Christopher Kyle, feels like a husk of an adaptation even to one completely unfamiliar with the source material. It’s the sort of film that, at least in the form prepped for theatrical release, makes one inclined to believe its makers have completely lost the ability to tell a story. And it’s not like that ever seems like a deliberate stylistic choice, with Bier actually focusing on some thematic flourish off on the sidelines. Serena is always focused on its plot. Its perpetually rushed, choppily told, borderline confusing plot. More

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    Movie Lovers Podcast Episode #9 – American Sniper and Coen Brothers Films

    On today’s episode of the Movie Lovers Podcast, Katherine and Chris discuss Clint Eastwood’s ‘American Sniper’ and their likes and dislikes of the Coen Brothers films with guest Randall Unger from Topics include the transformation of Bradley Cooper, comparisons between other war films like ‘Apocalypse Now,’ ‘Fury,’ and ‘Saving Private Ryan.’ The Movie Lovers Podcast hosts also discuss the agism of Client Eastwood, what Coen Brothers films are the best for a mass audience, and how Bill Murray almost made an animated Coen Brothers film. Put us in your ear, and enjoy! And don’t forget to Watch More Film! Check us out on Facebook and Twitter, and subscribe to us on iTunes under the Movie Lovers Podcast. Reviews and comments are much appreciated. More

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    Say ‘Aloha’ to the trailer for Cameron Crowe’s latest film

    Cameron Crowe must have a heart of gold, because he can get just about any actor in Hollywood to work with him, and his movies both good and bad have been precociously heart-warming and crowd-pleasing. His last film starred Matt Damon, Scarlett Johansson, several wild animals and a little girl as Damon’s daughter so impossibly […] More

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    The Hype Cycle: Oscar Nominations One Week Removed

    One week removed from the Oscar nominations, we’re still recovering from #OscarsSoWhite-gate, and the consensus seems to be that if only the Legos were white instead of yellow they would’ve been nominated after all. But really the conversation has started to move toward Hollywood rather than the Oscars, and how as a whole institution we […] More

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    ‘American Sniper’ stumbles, but Bradley Cooper shines

    After unsuccessful forays into musicals and political biopics with Jersey Boys and J. Edgar, Clint Eastwood returns to more traditionally masculine material usually associated with his filmmaker persona. With American Sniper, he tackles the drama and real-life accounts of Navy SEAL sniper Chris Kyle, but as compelling as the on-the-ground combat is, the real story worth telling is largely ignored for the pyrotechnics. More

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    The Televerse #162- Alias with Emma Fraser

    There may be fewer TV shows to discuss this week, but there are many interesting episodes, both successes and failures, giving us plenty to talk about this week on the podcast. First we take a look at the comedies, including a spooktacular Gravity Falls, the pilots of Bad Judge and Mulaney, and Bob’s Burgers’ musical […] More

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