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    The Televerse #118- Freakazoid! with Kyle Anderson

    With Thanksgiving giving some of our favorites an episode off, it’s a lighter TV show list this week on the podcast. First we take a look at some of the comedies, including the pilot of Rick and Morty, and talk The Amazing Race. Then it’s over to the dramas, including the premiere of Treme, before we go to the genre series, including the midseason finale of The Walking Dead, the season one finale of Black Mirror, and the remainder of Les Revenants season one. Afterward, we welcome Kyle Anderson from WTF Are You Watching? and to the DVD Shelf to help us look at the short-lived cult ’90s animated series Freakazoid!. More

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    Greatest TV Pilots: Batman Beyond

    It’s a delicate balancing act to create a pilot that both delves into a story as well as be as thoroughly entertaining as possible. It’s even harder to delve in to an established universe with brand new characters and stories while not altering the source material, and Batman Beyond did that in spades; establishing new and exciting characters within a world where many of largest stories have already happened, when also creating a one of the darkest, more adult themed kids cartoon shows ever produced. That darkness was ever present with the first episodes “Rebirth” and “Rebirth Part 2”. More