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The Mythology and Symbolism of ‘Drive’

It is always a little special when a film that on the surface bears no signs of ulterior motive becomes the subject of mass deconstruction by a plethora of critics, casuals and the insane. Case in point would be Sound on Sight’s film of 2011, Drive.

How I Met Your Mother Ep. 9.09 “Platonish” continues to deliver the disappointment

In theory, “Platonish” is an episode about Ted dealing with his feelings for Robin – not only does the title give it away, but the numerous Ted voice overs and longing looks at Robin made it pretty clear early on they were planning to beat the dead Ted/Robin horse for twenty minutes. However, the episode quickly snaps its attention to Barney, focusing in on a disgusting night of woman-chasing to lead him to a completely contrived resolution introduced by a character – the Mother – we still don’t know yet. It’s a messy episode, rehashing old material and retconning pieces of the past, all for the sake of superficial drama that doesn’t matter, a relationship that feels more forced with every episode – and in the specific case of “Platonish”, an A-list cameo that unfortunately fails on every level.

Breaking Bad, Ep. 5.15: “Granite State” a relentlessly bleak catch-up

Breaking Bad is not a series generally noted for its lightness of tone, but Vince Gilligan and his collaborators have always managed to wring humor and quirk out of what would seem to be a hopelessly grim set of story beats. That’s what makes “Granite State,” the series’ super-sized penultimate episode, so hard to watch. Save for a few passing moments of sewer-downhill-from-the-gallows “humour,” “Granite State” is a relentlessly bleak hour of TV, wherein even the glimpses of “hope” are really just (in all likelihood) presaging more carnage.

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