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    Sundance 2015: ‘A Walk in the Woods’ will have you running for the exits

    A Walk in the Woods is like a nice, warm blanket. One with a plaid pattern that’s been sitting in your granny’s attic so long it smells like a mixture of mold and “old person” because she only takes it out when the grandkids come over to visit every summer during the State Fair and it’s too hot to use a blanket because she never bothered to get air conditioning after the old box unit overheated and melted down that one wall outlet … More

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    ‘Before I Disappear’ is a droll, trippy pleasure

    Before I Disappear Written and directed by Shawn Christensen USA/UK, 2014 We don’t get many cinematic one-man shows these days.  Shawn Christensen takes up the challenge by writing, directing and starring in the new indie mind-screw, Before I Disappear.  Though thin on plot and heavy on convulsions, there’s enough visual flair and wickedly-dark humor to […] More