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‘Get Hard’ stays surprisingly flaccid

Get Hard is an episodic comedy that seems determined to botch its ‘can’t miss’ premise. No amount of riffing from Will Ferrell and Kevin Hart can overcome a script that’s obviously cobbled together from multiple projects. Director Etan Cohen’s feature-length debut lacks the big-ticket gags to overcome its flawed execution. Ultimately, this is a ‘star vehicle’ that should have stayed in the driveway.

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‘Before I Disappear’ is a droll, trippy pleasure

Before I Disappear Written and directed by Shawn Christensen USA/UK, 2014 We don’t get many cinematic one-man shows these days.  Shawn Christensen takes up the challenge by writing, directing and starring in the new indie mind-screw, Before I Disappear.  Though thin on plot and heavy on convulsions, there’s enough visual flair and wickedly-dark humor to …

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