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    ‘Daredevil: Born Again’ is the best Daredevil Story Ever Written

    With Born Again, the greatest Daredevil writer gives readers the quintessential Daredevil story. It’s a story that has a soul to it, overflowing with literary themes, and social and political commentary. Miller’s writing is probably the best it’s ever been and artist Dave Mazzucchelli is on the top of his game. Miller writes a crazed Matt Murdock phenomenally (Probably because he can pretty much only write crazy people.), Nuke is imposing and horrific, and Captain America is so well written that it’s a crime that Miller was never given an opportunity to write the character’s title. Daredevil: Born Again is a great comic book that does everything perfectly. It’s an incredibly nuanced story of good vs. evil, but can be analyzed on a myriad of different levels. The most important thing about Born Again is that it demonstrates that absolute evil can be combated and defeated wherever the smallest sliver of hope remains. More

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    5 Possibilities for Captain America’s Big Announcement

    Captain America is about to turn 75 and Marvel will celebrate in a big way. The entertainment giant recently announced that ABC will air Captain America: 75 Heroic Years on Tuesday, January 19 at 8 p.m. to commemorate Cap’s Hitler-punching debut from Jack Kirby and Joe Simon. The special befits the character’s iconic status and prominence in […] More

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    ‘Sam Wilson: Captain America’ #2- Flight Aftermath

    As a African-American hero, Sam deals with the history of protests and hardships everyday people of color are subjugated to but, given his newly filled role he sees things the same just at a elevated peak. While Steve can more or less sit back with his “blind faith” and put his all in how he thinks the nation will handle things, Sam has a more nuanced view of American politics. It’s a great ending with a more cheerful and hopeful final page from Acuña. Sam Wilson is quickly expanding his own corner of the Marvel universe that Spencer and Acuña are carving out. Sam Wilson: Captain America is the Marvel title that deserves to be read, it’s telling the story that people need right now. It’s political driven, modern, and has art that will make you want to hang each page as a series of paintings. More

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    ‘Captain America’ #1 shows what makes Sam Wilson fly

    The Star-Spangled Avengers is back. Sam Wilson is flying higher (in coach seats!) and making bold statements about who exactly is defending the USA and the World at large in the process. Nick Spencer of Morning Glories, and more recently, Ant-Man, fame does wonders for Sam Wilson and company in the re-debut issue for the “all-new” Captain America. More

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    ‘Civil War’ shows superheroes who compromise

    Civil War was a massive Marvel crossover event running from 2006 to 2007 and tied into virtually every Marvel comic including cosmic ones, like Nova, and quirky teen ones, like Runaways. The comic begins with the New Warriors (a team of perpetually C-Listers) fighting a group of supervillains to garner better ratings for their reality TV show, which leads to the villain Nitro blowing up a school in Stamford, Connecticut leading to many civilian casualties. This leads to Tony Stark, Reed Richards, the Avengers, and SHIELD supporting the Superhuman Registration Act, which bans secret identities, implements mandatory training for young heroes, and makes superheroes agents of SHIELD. This is opposed by Captain America, who doesn’t want to hunt down his fellow heroes, and the conflict begins as all the heroes of the Marvel Universe must either choose the Pro-Reg or Anti-Reg side. More

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    Sordid Cinema #96: ‘Avengers: Age of Ultron’

    It was expected that Avengers: Age of Ultron wouldn’t recapture the excitement of seeing Earth’s Mightiest Heroes assembled onscreen for the first time, but how good is Joss Whedon’s latest entry into the Marvel cinematic universe? Joining us this week is Sound on Sight news-editor Brian Welk to help us dissect the movie and discus the […] More

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    Obsessed with Pop Culture: Best of the Week

    Why Are Christopher Nolan’s Movies So Fun to Argue About? The release of a Christopher Nolan movie, even one that “underperforms” at the box office like this week’sInterstellar, is by far the most fervently talked about work of art for several news cycles. Even in the face of constant barrages of Taylor Swift headlines, Nolan’s […] More

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    All-New Captain America #1 has bone-crushing action, but little characterization

    All-New Captain America #1 Written by Rick Remender Pencilled by Stuart Immonen Inked by Wade von Grawbadger Colors by Marte Gracia Published by Marvel Comics The point of All-New Captain America #1 is to show what new wrinkles Sam Wilson, the artist formerly known as Falcon, brings both physically and mentally to the role. In the time-honored Marvel superhero tradition, he […] More

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