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    ‘Nameless’ #1 leaves a wanting first impression

    Trying to review the work of the writer Grant Morrison always seems like a double act. For one, it’s the job of the reviewer to give their best description of the comic they read and their earnest thoughts on whether it’s worth the customers’ money. However, Morrison tends to write with an excessive amount of psychedelic weirdness that is difficult to critique. As such, please read this review with a grain of salt since this bizarre material is not the easiest thing to quantify. More

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    Five Best New Image Comics of 2014

    The 2014 Image Expo helped partially prove my theory that there is no longer a Big Two in comics, but a Big Three. At the Expo, a plethora of new titles stretching across different genres were announced along with news about popular creators, like Grant Morrison, Ed Brubaker, Jock, and Kyle Higgins working on new […] More