Chris Burnham

Fight Comics as Event Crossover in ‘E Is For Extinction’ #2

E Is For Extinction #2, without any real revelatory character work or struggles, ends up being one giant fight comic. Villalobos and colorist Ian Herring choreograph a brutal fight, no matter whether the fight is verbal or physical. The pettiness of both the good and bad guys makes this comic just a fight about egos which seems exciting but ends up being a bit empty because for all of the bluster, it’s not really fighting for anything other than being just another tie-in to an event that has a massive amount of tie-ins.

‘Nameless’ #3: we have lift off

Grant Morrison’s cosmic horror miniseries has had a bit of a rocky start. The first two issues left a bit to be desired as they were slow parts building up to a something between Lovecraft and Event Horizon and fortunately it’s finally paying off.

Mission status is not optimal in ‘Nameless’ #2

One of the strangest elements in Grant Morrison and Chris Burnham sci-fi horror miniseries has been how shockingly tame it’s been. That’s not to say what is presented in this recent issue of the inaugural outing are anything that doesn’t warrant a mature content warning, just that it’s strange to see the creative team of such mind bending works like Batman Inc. and The Multiversity: Pax Americana be this far into their limited miniseries and not fully engage the body horror and raging madness of say Event Horizon. That all being said, this issue is a massive improvement from last month, but to the point one wonders why the first two issues couldn’t have been at least fit together.

‘Nameless’ #1 leaves a wanting first impression

Trying to review the work of the writer Grant Morrison always seems like a double act. For one, it’s the job of the reviewer to give their best description of the comic they read and their earnest thoughts on whether it’s worth the customers’ money. However, Morrison tends to write with an excessive amount of psychedelic weirdness that is difficult to critique. As such, please read this review with a grain of salt since this bizarre material is not the easiest thing to quantify.

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