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‘Adventure Time’ #50 is very continuity heavy

With a plot steeped deep in Adventure Time lore, Adventure Time #50 wasn’t for me, but more knowledgeable fans may get a kick out of it. The comic is technically sound though with creative lettering from Steve Wands to show how overblown and melodramatic the Lich is, bright and spooky colors from Maarta Laiho, and fun, expressive art from Ian McGinty. If you like a certain type of pet or hero cycles, the last few pages will be a treat.

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‘Adventure Time’ # 37 has no one making bacon pancakes

For a comic such as Adventure Time, the writing reflects a maturity in it for adults and humor for children. Hastings stops to reflect on the important role of food in the everyday world and its role in society. Food and cooking in the land of Ooo plays a large role in keeping social order and peace. Without food, the citizens of the Ooo become restless and dangerous. The concept gives readers food for thought.

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