Cillian Murphy

Peaky Blinders is a fierce, exciting entry for Netflix

The first time we see Cillian Murphy’s gangster Tommy Shelby he’s riding a white horse through a small neighborhood in Birmingham England. It’s seemingly deserted, with most of its citizens hiding from him, from his reputation. It is one heck of an entrance, not just for the characters but for the show. More than any other series, Peaky Blinders is helping Netflix define itself as a wholly original network.

’28 Days Later’: A daring example in the zombie genre

There is an absolute basic terror to be found in Danny Boyle’s kinetic, vivid take on zombie films. Upon first viewing, 28 Days Later is one of the most viciously terrifying films made. It’s only on multiple viewings do you begin to see how amazing Boyle was in creating a world inhabited by monsters but made even scarier by the humans still left.

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