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    London Human Rights Film Festival 2015

      Human Rights Watch Film Festival Celebrating Individual and Community Efforts to Effect Change 18-27 March 2015, London Barbican, British Museum, Curzon Soho, Ritzy Picturehouse (London, February 12, 2015) – The 19th edition of the Human Rights Watch Film Festival in London will be presented from 18 to 27 March, 2015 with a programme of 16 award-winning documentary and feature […] More

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    ‘Backstreet Boys: Show em’ What You’re Made of’ is dark portrait of music industry

    Backstreet Boys: Show em’ What You’re Made of

    Directed by Stephen Kijak

    USA, 2015

    At the height of their face The Backstreet Boys represented with their harmonious voices and cherub good looks a newfound idealism in the American landscape. Not without talent, their selling point as much their image as their sound: they were chosen to be branded. Offering context to the tumultuous early years and how their experienced shaped their identity and worth over the years, the new documentary Backstreet Boys: Show em’ What You’re Made of documents the production of a new album from the former boy group. More

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    136 Years of Visual Effects in 3 Minutes (video)

    Editor Jim Casey has parsed through the history of cinematic visual effects to create a short and sensory overloading video of it’s history. Beginning with photographer Eadweard Muybridge’s pre-cinamatic photography of a horse galloping up to the present day, the video is not only valuable as a fascinating document of evolving techniques but a representation […] More

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    FRONTIÈRES International Co-Production Market Unveils 4th Edition

    FRONTIÈRES International Co-Production Market has announced it’s official selection for it’s return to this year’s Fantasia International Film Festival. Frontieres is the first and only co-production market to connect North America and Europe in an environment focused specifically on genre film production. The initiative began in 2012 with 14 projects selected including works by Aaron […] More

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    65 Good Reasons to Love French Cinema (Documentary Film)

    To celebrate their 65th anniversary UniFrance, an organization charged with the promotion of French Cinema around the world, has created a short documentary about the extended and powerful influence of French cinema in the world today. Bringing together stories from filmmakers across the world, this short 12 minute documentary is a sharp and clever look […] More

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    London Chinese Visual Film Festival 2014 Lineup and Schedule

    The full line-up of films for the 2014 Chinese Visual Festival (CVF) has been announced, screening from May 7th – 18th at King’s College London, with events also held at Riverside Studios with DocHouse and the BFI. Tickets are now on sale via the festival website: The festival is thrilled to welcome two of […] More

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    Sundance London 2014: ‘Fruitvale Station’ a candid and gripping true-life tale

    Fruitvale Station Written and directed by Ryan Coogler USA, 2013 One of this year’s more volatile transfers, from Utah’s shivering mountains to the corporate malls of London’s O2 centre, was Fruitvale Station, the blistering debut from Sundance Labs alumni Ryan Coogler. His inaugural film ignited a inferno of political debate in the wake of its North American festival […] More

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    Sundance London 2014: ‘The One I Love’ has a great twist, but lacks in confidence

    The One I Love Written by Justin Lader Directed by Charlie McDowell USA, 2014 Meet Ethan (Mark Duplass) and Sophie (Elisabeth Moss), a thirty-something, artistically minded married couple a few years into their now deteriorating union. The spearing wounds of Cupid’s arrow have long since healed on both their callused hearts. Their matrimony is on a prolonged descending […] More

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    Sundance London 2014: ‘They Came Together’ a funny skewering of the rom-com genre

    They Came Together Written by Michael Showalter and David Wain Directed by David Wain USA, 2014 The course of true love never runs smoothly for everyone, but the premise of the new romantic comedy They Came Together sounds suspiciously familiar. Molly (Amy Poehler) is a slightly kooky, ditzy blonde thirty-something who somehow manages to maintain a pastel-coated candy store […] More

  • A Touch of Sin - Hu Dahai, Jiang Wu

    Chinese Visual Festival 2014: Overview

    The Chinese Visual Festival (CVF) recently announced the screenings and events of its 2014 edition, which runs from May 7th – 18th at King’s College London, with associated events being held at Riverside Studios in Hammersmith in collaboration with DocHouse. For 2014, the festival is thrilled to welcome two of the most important filmmakers in modern independent Chinese-language cinema, […] More

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    Sleeping Beauty and the Impact of Eyvind Earle

    Among the most sumptuous of Walt Disney’s films, Sleeping Beauty’s enduring legacy is largely due to its incredible art design and complete creative vision. In production for nearly 10 years, the film was very costly and represented the end of an era for Disney hand-drawn animation. Though collaboration is key in most Disney productions, Sleeping Beauty […] More

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