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‘Secret Identities” #4 throws a wrench in everyone’s plans

Secret Identities #4 takes a break from the super heroics to focus on the interactions between team members, as well as the complexities of families, to emphasize the best-laid plans of mice and men and superheroes, can often go awry. Only time will tell if Vesuvius can move past Ciniza’s betray, and, more importantly, if Crosswind can get out of his sticky situation.

‘Die Hard: Year One’ Volume 2 is a “Yippee”

In the first four issues of Die Hard: Year One, readers were let down by a plot overstuffed with characters and lacking any true resemblance of the tone of the original movies. This second volume, collecting issues 5-8, suffers a similar fate in that it fails to ignite any passion in the reader, instead going through the motions and producing an average comic book.

‘Wytches’ #6 excels with heavy horror

The first story arc of Wytches concludes an unexpectedly resonant note from the author. Although Scott Snyder has made no secret of just how personal this book has been to him, issue #6 conveyed the depth of Snyder’s attachment to the story. This is not like any horror comic you’ve read before.


‘Die Hard: Year One’ Volume 1 has wasted potential

Die Hard: Year One is an eight issue miniseries published by BOOM! Studios in 2009-2010. Made up of two volumes of four issues each, the series begins with John McClane as a rookie beat cop learning the ropes and following orders from his superiors.

The Top Five Iron Man Stories

Tony Stark aka Iron Man has been around in comic books since 1963, first appearing in Tales of Suspense #39 before getting his own series in 1968. He has also made many appearances as a member of The Avengers and in other titles whilst Robert Downey Jr’s’big screen portrayal has been extremely well received by fans and critics alike. For those new to comics or even anyone looking for a great read, below are five of the best Iron Man stories ever told. Enjoy!

Astro City # 18 Feels Bogged-Down with Set-Up

What happens when a superhero starts to get old? Not Dark Knight Returns old, but just old enough that running around in long underwear on rooftops seems even more inadvisable than usual, and thoughts of “what comes after?” start to creep in. This is the question that Astro City # 18 stets out to grapple with in a multi-issue story starring Quarrel, an Astro City regular enjoying her first time at the forefront of a story. But while Quarrel’s story has a lot of potential, the first installment feels first and foremost like setup for what’s to come later, the foundation on which the story to come can be built, and as such is only a somewhat satisfying read.

‘Electric Man’ is a nerd comedy with no geek-cred

The opening credits sequence of Electric Man is structured as an animated comic, with panel shifts and camera manipulations aimed to recreate and enliven the experience of reading a comic. It’s a fun, kinetic sequence that actually seems to display some of the excitement of reading a comic. Unfortunately, it is one of the few moments in a film ostensibly populated with lifelong comic-book obsessives that feels even slightly enamored with the graphic medium.

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