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Swamp Thing

Swamp Thing #1 Embraces Classic Horror Fun

Swamp Thing is one of the very best series from DC Comics in the past five years, from Scott Snyder’s revival of the character in 2011 to Charles Soule’s grandiose world-building years later.

Progressivism is on the Rise in Superhero Comics

Not only does Steve Orlando’s Midnighter comic star a gay man, it tells blunt, sex-positive stories about that character. The main cast of characters in the upcoming main Avengers comic All-New, All-Different Avengers has a small minority of white dudes.
While there is still a lot of work on the road to a utopia of complete social justice, there is a trend of progressivism in some of today’s superhero comics that is impossible to ignore.

‘I Hate Fairyland’ #1 – new and neat ideas still exist

It’s a silly fear that haunts the deep recesses of my mind from time to time that is constantly pushed further and further back as independent artists get to work on new properties. The latest example is I Hate Fairyland from Skottie Young over at Image Comics, based around a premise so neat and original that it’s downright annoying it only recently came into existence.

Religious faith and love for weird movies combine in Joe Badon’s ‘The Man with Ten Thousand Eyes’ Kickstarter

Inspired not by other comics but by his strong religious faith and love of strange movies, Joe Badon’s The Man with Ten Thousand Eyes Kickstarter comic looks for $3,000 by Friday, Nov. 13.
“This is kind of like a super abstract internal dialogue I’m having with myself about my walk with God, but in a super weird, noir, crazy abstract filter,” said Badon via Skype interview.

Interview: Justin Jordan and his BOOM! Studios Comics

An old, shady NSA agent creeps in on a young, adventurous and curious woman one night, asking her if she wants to help keep the biggest conspiracies in the world a secret. Elsewhere, a man who hasn’t slept in a decade recruits an ex-cop to solve a psychedelic murder mystery.

Justin Jordan. Taken from his Twitter.
Justin Jordan. Taken from his Twitter.

These universes can be found in Deep State and John Flood, two BOOM! Studios-published comics from Pennsylvania-based writer Justin Jordan, with respective art from Ariela Kristantina and Jorge Coelho.

Esaw shows his character in ‘Southern Bastards’ #10

As of late, the duo of Jason Aaron and Jason Latour have diverged from the pattern of their first two arcs on Southern Bastards, which followed a respective character each, by doing single issues that provide new focus on specific characters while still keeping the ongoing story plodding along.

‘Amazing Spider-Man’ #14: Event based storytelling at its worst

After being forced to flee from the Inheritors at every turn, the army of Spider-People finally gets a chance to take the fight directly to their pursuers. This is the final battle, the last stand against an unstoppable force. Can the Spiders save themselves before the Inheritors carry out their master plan?

‘Steven Universe’ #5 turns a harmless yard sale into a life or death mission

A new arc takes shape in Steven Universe #5 as it explores the dangers of having a yard sale while the Crystal Gems are around. A giant slug (and Pearl to a certain extent) recently destroyed the Beach City Library, so Steven and Connie decide to raise some money and build a new one. Steven and Connie have the noblest of intentions when they gather up junk to sell, and their altruistic nature is in no way linked to Connie’s desire to read the next volume of the Unfamiliar Familiar.

‘Spider-Man and the X-Men’ #1 features oddball characters, and jokes galore

Wolverine is dead to begin with. How permanent is his death remains to be seen. For the time being though, Wolverine’s possessions have been collected and his last wishes read. The Jean Grey School for Higher Learning will never be the same. As his replacement, Wolverine has chosen Spider-Man to fill the position of Guidance Counselor for a rather erhm, Special Class of mutants.

‘Fairy Quest: Outcasts’ #1 dares you to deviate

Imagine someone else wrote the story of your life, determined your character traits, and threatened to wipe your memories should you decide to deviate from your path. This is the world Little Red Riding Hood (Red) and Woof (The Big Bad Wolf) find themselves fleeing in Fairy Quest: Outcasts.


‘Jim Henson’s Storyteller: Witches’ #2 plays with form in order to haunt readers

The Jim Henson Company is no stranger to incredible storytelling, and this year they’ve revived The Storyteller. Originally an American/ British mini-series from the late 1980’s, The Storyteller featured an old storyteller who retold European folk tales to his rather sarcastic dog. This year The Storyteller seeks out folk tales that center on witches from the world over.

‘Teen Titans’ #2 delivers

It is becoming difficult to categorically criticize DC Comics. It seems recently that DC has had quite a bit of difficulty pushing out new titles, or bringing together new creative teams without them almost immediately becoming groan-worthy. It was almost easy to write off the company as a whole. However, Pfeifer and Rocafort seem to have found a winning strategy in Teen Titans. The second issue of the series is just as fun and entertaining as the first, pushing away all doubts about the series.

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