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‘Providence’ #3 baptizes Lovecraft with fire

This is the best issue of Providence yet. It’s entertaining, it carries some emotional weight, and gives you a full, diverse understanding of the world it’s building. Hopefully this series continues to be as challenging and provocative moving forward. Hopefully the creators have more surprises up their sleeves. If this is the best it gets, well, that’s a little disappointing, but I can live with it. Because this issue here at least lets you know that you can hate a creator and love their creation. It is possible — as long as you’re willing to take it back from them. Art is too important to leave in just anybody’s hands. And that message is good enough.

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‘Earth-2: Society’ #1: Troubling times in the post-Apokolips.

Being a travel agent on Earth-2 definitely has to be the Seventh Circle of Hell of careers. Sure the folks on the Nazi Earth or the Crime Syndicate Earth have their jobs cut out for them trying to convince anyone that their universe is a nice place to visit for even a nanosecond. But as Highfather’s sacrificial lamb to keep Darkseid from preying upon the whole of existence, Earth-2 makes a pretty strong case for having it the worst of all. That’s not the breaks, that’s just harsh beyond measure. But now Convergence has ushered in a whole new world — in the most literal way possible. Taking these characters in a completely new direction, Earth-2: Society makes a bold attempt at getting the Earth-2 line to hit its stride in ways that have eluded it since its inception.

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Part Time Princesses: A Tale of Growing Up

Part Time Princesses is an exploration of childhood hopes, dreams and the entering of the mature world of adulthood. Readers are treated to the development of four individual young adults into more world wise individuals who seek to establish themselves and assist their fellow teenagers to have a place of their own. The story provides the importance of standing together with other human beings and finding common causes to work toward. Furthermore, Part Time Princesses reveals that although adulthood may mean dreams are pushed aside or placed on pause by reality, it does not mean the magic of imagination and goodness must be lost as well. For goodwill toward fellow man and friendship provide their own enchantment and magic in our world.

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‘The Strain’ Book 1

Guillermo Del Toro and Chuck Hogan’s vampire trilogy The Strain has captured the imagination of horror fans since its 2009 release. Adapted as a comic by writer David Lapham (Stray Bullets) and artist Mike Huddleston, Dark Horse has just released the hardcover collection of the first 11 issues comprosing the first part of the trilogy. Working in close collaboration with Del Toro and Hogan, the comic book is not merely an illustrated novel but rather a visualization that captures the spirit and content of the book. This is an adaptation in the true sense of the word, building off the existing material and adjusting it to fit an entirely new medium.

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The Midas Flesh #1 Promises Grand Adventure

  The Midas Flesh #1 of 8 Written by Ryan North Art by Shelli Paroline, Braden Lamb Covers By John Keogh, Emily Patridge, Noelle Stevenson Published by Boom! Studios   If prodded or enticed or just listened too, children will tell stories. These stories often combine disparate elements: dinosaurs, war, robots, fighting, other stories, and …

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