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    London Film Festival ’09: The Road

    The Road Directed by John Hillcoat For fans of Cormac McCarthy’s Pulitzer Prize-winning The Road,  the novel’s journey from page to screen has been almost as harrowing as the one endured by the book’s protagonists. Delayed by over a year due to unspecified wrangling within the temple of Miramax, this grim, biblical parable is finally seeing the light of day […] More

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    TIFF ’09: Short Takes

    Trash Humpers Directed by Harmony Korine Anyone who enjoyed Korine’s previous feature, the funny, surreal Mister Lonely, may have been looking forward to what he was to do next in anticipation of a further expansion into pseudo-accessible territory. Instead, Korine decided to jump off the arthouse deep end with Trash Humpers, a reasonably well-executed conceptual […] More