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Sundance 2015: ‘3 and 1/2 Minutes’ captures tragedy, but aims too small for the big screen

3 And ½ Minutes, the new documentary about the tragic 2012 shooting death of Jordan Davis, tells an important story, but fails to frame it within a larger debate about racial injustice in America. While it manages to capture the pain and disillusionment of a family destroyed by senseless violence, its repetitive structure highlights the lack of a compelling viewpoint. It will fit perfectly into a televised format, but it struggles to maintain its urgency on the big screen.

‘The Judge’ is guilty of being dull

The Judge is an actor’s showcase that gets lost in the weeds of tired family dynamics and clunky subplots. There are moments when Robert Downey Jr. and Robert Duvall are allowed to take their characters into more dangerous places, but mostly they’re just constrained by an uninteresting story. The result is a film that packs no emotional wallop and builds to a conclusion that is neither surprising nor satisfying.

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