Ethiopia’s first post-apocalyptic sci-fi feature ‘Crumbs’ demands to be seen

According to writer-director Miguel Llansó, Crumbs was created mostly on circumstance and coincidence which might explain why the film seems constructed as an assortment of random images and confusing scenes. But don’t let that scare you: Ethiopia’s first post-apocalyptic sci-fi feature (spoken in Amharic) is a technically stunning and emotionally wrenching directorial debut. There’s little narrative so to speak, but Crumbs does feature an eccentric love story and a dash of politically charged surrealism.

Justine’s Five Must See Films at Fantasia Film Festival 2015

I love when Fantasia gets weird. Featuring its fair share of bigger budget horrors, Asian epics and the occasional mainstream genre pic – it’s the little ones from far off places and no-name filmmakers that excite me the most. This year’s a goldmine for my particular tastes, and it’s been years since I’ve been so excited by their lineup. Most of the films I’m most eager to see are from filmmakers I’ve never heard of, or from countries I’ve nary seen a single film.

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