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    SDCC 2012 TV Recap: Preview Night

    San Diego Comic Con 2012 officially kicked off Wednesday with badge pick-up at 3pm. For many, Preview Night is a chance to scour the exhibit floor for that particular Con exclusive that’s a must-have or to take care of any shopping that may prove difficult once the larger crowds show up for the official Day […] More

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    SDCC 2012 TV Preview Part I: Preview Night Screenings

    SDCC 2012 TV Preview As they did last year, this year on Wed, 7/11 Warner Bros. TV will be screening several pilots for the upcoming TV season. They will be showing 5 pilots from 6-9:45pm in Ballroom 20. Here are the basics:   666 Park Avenue– Terry O’Quinn is married to Vanessa Williams and the […] More

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    The Walking Dead Podcast, Episode 14: “Pretty Much Dead Already”

    The Walking Dead‘s fall finale, “Pretty Much Dead Already,” aired this week, and the ‘nets were abuzz with discussion over the episode’s dramatic, bloody conclusion, in which the mythical barnful o’ walkers was emptied the old-fashioned way. But did the ending manage to please all of us? Ricky, Kate and Simon discuss the episode, and […] More

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    The Barkerians

    Cult Cinema: Volume 6 In the 1980s, author Clive Barker was dubbed the new face of horror. And what a face it was, one that looked like it should be fellating both Lord Byron and Aleister Crowley during a sex magic ritual, all arched eyebrows and smooth cheeks and smoky eyes. Barker’s 1985 short story […] More

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    Easter Bunny Kill Kill!

    “a world where hookers, pedophiles and violent-murderous creeps are all second fiddle to a killer Easter Bunny” Easter Bunny Kill! Kill! Directed by Chad Ferrin Leaving your mentally challenged children at home has never been more dangerous.  Around every corner lies creepo-freak-a-zoids willing to trade your body for coke just to get a little taste.  […] More

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    The Church of Campbell

    Cult Cinema : Volume 1 Religion is a beautiful thing. Provided you’re a Paleolithic savage who needs fairy tales and a lumpy fertility idol in the shape of a BBW centerfold to explain where babies come from. Anyone else still believing in magic and wizards should read a book that wasn’t written before humanity invented […] More

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    Trailer: Philip Ridley’s ‘Heartless’

    Yahoo’s UK division has premiered the official trailer for Philip Ridley’s Heartless. Heartless is the long awaited return of The Reflecting Skin director Philip Ridley to the world of feature films. His last film, The Passion of Darkly Noon, was released way back in 1995. HEARTLESS is the menacing and magical tale of Jamie (Sturgess) […] More

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    ‘Society’, ‘Parents’, ‘Anguish’ and ‘The Birthday’

    On the fifth edition of the special blend on Sound on Sight we like to call Sordid Cinema, it’s an hour of intercontinental experimental horror. Corey Feldman stars in Eugenio Mira’s impossible-to-find dark comedy/thriller hybrid The Birthday, Christopher Guest regular Bob Balaban (!) directs Randy Quaid in the grisly Parents, effects man Brian Yuzna runs […] More

  • Arrested Development may be posting bail on the big screen

    “Arrested Development creator Mitchell Hurwitz and his co-executive producer James Vallely are working on a screenplay for the long-debated feature version of their short-lived Fox series…Hurwitz would also direct the Fox Searchlight feature.” The groundbreaking series launched the career of future Juno star Michael Cera (a newcomer at that point) as well as making a […] More

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    ‘Pulp Fiction’ – Sound On Sight Radio #147

    Director/screenwriter/actor/producer Quentin Tarantino was perhaps the most distinctive and explosive talent to emerge in American film in the early ’90s. Unlike the previous generation of American filmmakers, Tarantino learned his craft from his days as a video store clerk, rather than as a film school student. He developed an audacious fusion of pop culture and […] More

  • Fantasia 2009 – Troll 2

    While waiting in line late last night for one of the most anticipated screenings at Fantasia, I saw a rather old gentleman with a huge grin slowly making his way towards me. He was shaking peoples’ hands and making small talk – I had no idea who it was and before I knew it he […] More

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