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‘Parabellum’ Movie Review – offers a minimalist take on the Apocalypse

Parabellum Written by Ana Godoy, Esteban Prado and Lukas Valenta Rinner Directed by Lukas Valenta Rinner Argentina/Austria/Uruguay, 2015 Cinema is certainly no stranger to Armageddon scenarios. Whether it’s environmental collapse, zombie uprising, or alien infestation, these CGI-stuffed extravaganzas aren’t exactly known for their subtle charms. Parabellum, the debut film from Austrian director Lukas Valenta Rinner, proves that …

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‘Xenosaga’ Revisited, Part 1: The Will to Power (an abundance of ambition)

When the mammoth project known collectively as Xenosaga was first announced in 2001, it sounded like a dream come true for RPG fans, at least on paper. Developer Monolith Soft promised a six episode epic that would redefine video game storytelling and wildly reinvent the genre. Unfortunately for the team, the first title in the series debuted to more modest sales than initially expected, and not without it’s fair share of criticisms.

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The Barkerians

Cult Cinema: Volume 6 In the 1980s, author Clive Barker was dubbed the new face of horror. And what a face it was, one that looked like it should be fellating both Lord Byron and Aleister Crowley during a sex magic ritual, all arched eyebrows and smooth cheeks and smoky eyes. Barker’s 1985 short story …

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Easter Bunny Kill Kill!

“a world where hookers, pedophiles and violent-murderous creeps are all second fiddle to a killer Easter Bunny” Easter Bunny Kill! Kill! Directed by Chad Ferrin Leaving your mentally challenged children at home has never been more dangerous.  Around every corner lies creepo-freak-a-zoids willing to trade your body for coke just to get a little taste.  …

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The Church of Campbell

Cult Cinema : Volume 1 Religion is a beautiful thing. Provided you’re a Paleolithic savage who needs fairy tales and a lumpy fertility idol in the shape of a BBW centerfold to explain where babies come from. Anyone else still believing in magic and wizards should read a book that wasn’t written before humanity invented …

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Arrested Development may be posting bail on the big screen

“Arrested Development creator Mitchell Hurwitz and his co-executive producer James Vallely are working on a screenplay for the long-debated feature version of their short-lived Fox series…Hurwitz would also direct the Fox Searchlight feature.” The groundbreaking series launched the career of future Juno star Michael Cera (a newcomer at that point) as well as making a …

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Fantasia 2009 – Troll 2

While waiting in line late last night for one of the most anticipated screenings at Fantasia, I saw a rather old gentleman with a huge grin slowly making his way towards me. He was shaking peoples’ hands and making small talk – I had no idea who it was and before I knew it he …

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Fantasia Film Festival 2009 Director Lee Demarbre and David Hess talk Smash Cut

Smash Cut, about a B-movie director who begins killing people to improve the realism of his special effects, is the type of film that gives cult film fans fever dreams, full of porn stars and blood spatter and everything else that Pat Robertson thinks causes hurricanes. Starring adult film actress Sasha Grey, Last House on …

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Synapse Films #1: Animalada

A Heaven of Horror Sergio Bizzio’s Animalada (2001) What is the greatest love story ever told? Is it the one where dad delivered a pizza to the girl next door only to then realize he had been living next door to the love of his life without even knowing it? Or, maybe it’s the story …

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The Sleazy World of Jess Franco

Body Count: Volume 13 Horror has seen its fair share of hacks. The genre may not necessarily have its roots in exploitation, but it didn’t take hucksters long to figure out that you can make a simultaneously schlocky and profitable movie on whatever currency happens to be jingling around in your pocket. So for all …

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Heavy Metal Horror

Body Count: Volume 10 . I’m not sure how the heavy metal and horror movie connection started but it’s a match made in hell. The two go together like chocolate and peanut butter. It’s a natural pairing. Alice Cooper had been combining Grand Guignol stage theatrics with live music since the 70’s. Blue Oyster Cult …

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