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    ‘Horns’ is all over the place

    Daniel Radcliffe could not be doing more to dispel his Harry Potter image that so many movie fans still hold onto. From ages 12 to 22 Radcliffe personified the beloved children’s book character, but he’s moving on. He’s played beat icon Allen Ginsberg, he’s played a cynical romanticist, and he’s played a terrorized attorney. Based on the novel by Joe Hill, Horns, is truly the cherry on top of the typecast-busting sundae because no one will be thinking about Potter when they see this. More

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    ‘What If’ is an observant little charmer

    What If Written by Elan Mastai Directed by Michael Dowse Ireland/Canada, 2013 While the new indie rom-com, What If, has a serious aversion to conflict, it’s also inescapably charming.  A strong cast delivers enough laughs and cheeky irreverence to elevate this otherwise breezy tale to more delightfully cynical heights.  You probably won’t remember it in […] More

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    Daniel Radcliffe is the Devil in first teaser for ‘Horns’

    This Halloween, Daniel Radcliffe might just be the Devil in Alexandre Aja’s (The Hills Have Eyes) horror fantasy Horns. After his girlfriend (Juno Temple) suddenly passes away, Radcliffe’s character is met with public outcry and horns sprouting from his head. Our review from its premier at the 2013 Toronto Film Festival called it a ‘morbid […] More

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    Harry Potter’s back, but not here to stay

    If you’ve been living under a rock and haven’t heard the news, J.K. Rowling has recently released a new Harry Potter story exclusive to users of her website Pottermore. The short story, which is called “Dumbledore’s Army Reunites,” centres around the now 34 year old Harry at the Quidditch World Cup final with his youngest […] More

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    ‘Kill Your Darlings’ is an attention-grabbing beat movement biopic

    John Krokidas’ film debut Kill Your Darlings follows the turbulent University years of famed American beat writers Allen Ginsberg (Daniel Radcliffe), Jack Kerouac (Jack Huston), Lucien Carr (Dane DeHann) and William Burroughs (Ben Foster). Set in the early 1940s at Columbia University and on the streets of New York City, the film centers around the murder of David Kammerer (Michael C. Hall) and the months that led up to it. More

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    TIFF 2013: ‘Horns’ is a morbid and miserable supernatural YA love story with R-rated special effects

    Based on the Joe Hill novel, Horns is about a young man (Daniel Radcliffe) who sprouts horns after his ex-girlfriend (Juno Temple) is murdered and raped. In the hands of director Alexandre Aja (The Hills Have Eyes), one would hope for a mind-bending horror story about good and evil, with a special emphasis on the latter. Unfortunately, with an underdeveloped adapted screenplay (the first feature from screenwriter Keith Bunin), Horns falls short and at best, may become some decent late-night popcorn fodder with a few quotable-because-they’re-awkward lines and a charred-up Daniel Radcliffe with horns. More

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