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BFI 59th London Film Festival – Top Picks for 2015

Next month sees the return of one of the UK’s most prolific film festival, The London Film Festival (LFF). Taking place between 7 and 18 October, the festival will show over 230 films in more than 16 venues over the capital.

’28 Days Later’: A daring example in the zombie genre

There is an absolute basic terror to be found in Danny Boyle’s kinetic, vivid take on zombie films. Upon first viewing, 28 Days Later is one of the most viciously terrifying films made. It’s only on multiple viewings do you begin to see how amazing Boyle was in creating a world inhabited by monsters but made even scarier by the humans still left.

shallow grave

‘Shallow Grave,’ a remarkably assured debut for Danny Boye

Working from a brilliantly honed script by doctor-turned-screenwriter John Hodge (who cameos as a police inspector), Shallow Grave is very dark British satire with a simple setup. This tight little thriller is a parable about the effects of greed on friendship. What would you do if you found a huge amount of money? It’s a plot worthy of Hitchcock, and Boyle’s relentless homage comes complete with dutch angles and shots lifted wholesale from the Master’s greatest hits.

‘Trance’ an overheated, ridiculous yet never dull psychological thriller

Danny Boyle has yet to make a dull movie, but that appears to be the only consistency he’s concerned with. His new film Trance is as amped up, jittery, and stylistically charged as Slumdog Millionaire, 127 Hours, and the rest of his filmography, but the story holds up to barely the most minor scrutiny. Trance’s inconsistencies go well beyond its script, all the way down to the various flourishes Boyle employs throughout the film, tossing them out as he deems them useless.

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