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How Different Batman Origins Influenced ‘Batman Begins’

Only separated by two years “The Man Who Falls” and “Year One” attempt to tell the origin of Bruce Wayne becoming Batman. Frank Miller’s story is much better known than Dennis O’Neil’s one shot, but O’Neil had a much bigger impact on the tone of Batman Begins. Christopher Nolan showcases Batman’s search for his abilities rather than giving them to Bruce Wayne at the beginning of the film. Thus, Bruce’s training and its effect is of paramount importance during the film.

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‘Batman’ #42 – What Lies Within

Jim Gordon is usually confident in his abilities as a cop and willing to admit when he’s outmatched. This perspective is refreshing in Batman #42 as Gordon uses both parts of his personality to bring down this issue’s villain. Gordon is practicing his to be the best Batman, because “Batman doesn’t use guns.” Thus, Gordon is throwing Batarang’s while immersing himself into his new role; his commitment is admirable. For the most part the story is very straightforward: Batman learns of a disturbance, Batman takes care of said disturbance, and everyone loves Batman. But, the great thing about writer Scott Snyder is that he can pull up little pieces of truth in the most formulaic Batman story.

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‘Batman’ #41: The Right Man at the Right Time

After the events of ‘Endgame’ the cowl has undergone a transition from Bruce Wayne to Jim Gordon, yes, that Jim Gordon, the same beat walking, cigarette smoking, and mustachioed man. Scott Snyder has never shied away from making his Batman completely different from the past 75-plus years. Here in Batman #41, Snyder does the inconceivable and replaces Batman with what seems like a less athletic, less aggressive, and lesser man. Sure, the new suit helps, but is it really Batman?

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‘Earth 2: World’s End’ gets some bearings in #11

Earth 2: World’s End #11 Written by Daniel H. Wilson Breakdowns by Scott McDaniel Pencils by Paulo Siqueira Published by DC Comics This week brings something miraculous as Earth 2: World’s End finally calms down from the hectic and segmented narrative it’s been rolling with since its launch. This issue is something surprising as the …

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