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    Sketchy Episode 167 – ‘Batman: Year One’

    Sketchy discusses the 2011 “Batman: Year One” and the DC comic by Frank Miller on which it was based. This story examines a young Bruce Wayne (Benjamin McKenzie) testing the waters of vigilante justice and a new lieutenant named James Gordon (Bryan Cranston) who just joined the Gotham police department. Enjoy! [powerpress] Listen on iTunes! […] More

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    ‘Earth 2: World’s End’ gets some bearings in #11

    Earth 2: World’s End #11 Written by Daniel H. Wilson Breakdowns by Scott McDaniel Pencils by Paulo Siqueira Published by DC Comics This week brings something miraculous as Earth 2: World’s End finally calms down from the hectic and segmented narrative it’s been rolling with since its launch. This issue is something surprising as the […] More