Booster Gold Returns with a Lot of Implications for the DC Universe

Ever since the cancellation of Justice League International in 2012, Booster Gold has remained an enigmatic figure. The annual which concluded JLI had Booster Gold encounter a future version of himself sporting and A.R.G.U.S. logo before both of them were vanished at the hand of some unseen force. Booster has been completely MIA with the exception of a guest appearance on All-Star Western. After being gone for nearly two years, Booster Gold returns under the pen of his creator, Dan Jurgens.

‘The Killing Joke’ Is The Best Joker Story Ever Told

In the pantheon of Batman stories there’s a handful that come up every time someone ranks the best. The Dark Knight Returns, Batman Year One, and The Long Halloween usually all make the list. And then there’s the Killing Joke. The Killing Joke stands out from the crowd for a couple of reasons. For one thing, unlike the above mentioned stories, The Killing Joke is a graphic novel and not a collection of previously individual issues. For another, The Killing Joke isn’t really a Batman story. Sure Batman is in it, he even plays an important part;but The Killing Joke is above all else, a Joker story.

‘Harley Quinn’ shows us a Harley not defined by her relationship to the Joker

DC’s current Harley Quinn ongoing series does something that has never been done with the character: it gives her an identity not defined by the Joker. Quinn has forever been the long suffering companion to the Clown Prince of Crime, so much so that it’s hard to think of her as her own character and not just an extension of the Joker.

Justice League United (Canada) Launches Into the Action with Classic Sci-Fi Tropes

Jeff Lemire and Mike McKone’s Justice League United #0 presents part one of a five-part story, making issue #1, the second comic DC has released this month, that is wrongfully billed as a first issue. It’s essentially just the second chapter of a quinary story arc. Following the “Forever Evil” crossover, Justice League United kicks off with a fresh spin and an alternative super team, set in Canada, and that includes several favourite B-list heroes, and 2 new characters never before seen.

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