What Hollywood Should Learn From Deadpool

Essentially, Fox has nothing to lose by playing it safe, but apparently they don’t have much to lose by backing the ugly underdog, either. The best case scenario? The improbable success of Deadpool gives Fox a mandate to make superhero media weirder, smarter, and more subversive. Worst case: we get another Avengers clone with more sex and blood. Both scenarios make Fox a boatload of box-office money, so why not get a little weird?

Rick Remender Turns Deadpool into a Team Player in ‘Uncanny X-Force’

In the pages of Rick Remender’s Uncanny X-Force, most of the members of that assassination team have lost something. Wolverine lost his son. Angel lost his life while Psylocke lost her love. Fantomex lost his independence. And Deadpool? Well, as in almost all things, Deadpool was the oddity in Remender’s story about the moral ambiguity of these heroes.

To Better Know an Anti-Hero: Deadpool

Deadpool’s road to super-stardom, from a 90s-riffic Liefeld character to movie star and perennial bestseller is an odd, almost-unprecedented one. Without a doubt the most successful (in terms of revenue-generation, multi-media exposure and overall popularity) solo Marvel character introduced after Wolverine, Deadpool was born amidst the dying gasps of New Mutants, a series that was being put to pasture in order to transform it into X-Force, a move intended to placate superstar artist Rob Liefeld by giving him a brand new series in which he could cut loose in EXTREME 90s fashion.

Deadpool Header

Deadpool: Everything you need to know

Much like a pre-2008 Iron Man, Deadpool is a beloved character whose cult popularity has yet to reach mainstream audiences. In order to get moviegoers up to speed for the movie, here is a quick rundown on who Deadpool is and why his new film is significant.

‘Deadpool’ is shallow, vulgar fun

Though it feels like being locked in a bathroom with the ‘life of the party’ for two hours, there’s no resisting the inspired energy and vulgarity of ‘Deadpool.’

‘Hawkeye vs. Deadpool’ Brings Out The Best in Both

Hawkeye vs. Deadpool is a big example of not judging a book by its solicits. What could have easily been a zany cash grab ended up being a well constructed and hilarious story that brings out the best in both the Hawkeyes and Deadpool.

The Unity Squad is back in ‘Uncanny Avengers’ #1

All throughout the issue, readers are granted a great example of colors from Richard Isanove, and how they blend to make each character look distinct. Every member of the Team has colors that render them dynamic and lets them exude a personality all on their own. If this issue is anything to go by, the Uncanny Avengers will be in good hands under Gerry Duggan’s dialogue, character portrayals as well Ryan Stegman and the rest of the art team making the Unity Squad a team to look out for.

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