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  • Deadpool

    The ‘Deadpool’ VFX Team Gave Maximum Effort, See For Yourself In BTS Video

    They say that some of the best CGI is the kind you never notice, and Deadpool certainly had that in spades. While we could all tell that the film’s acrobatic stunts, Deadpool’s moving eyepieces, and supporting character Colossus were all generated with computer imagery, you’d be surprised at how much work went into the backgrounds, filling […] More

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    What Hollywood Should Learn From Deadpool

    Essentially, Fox has nothing to lose by playing it safe, but apparently they don’t have much to lose by backing the ugly underdog, either. The best case scenario? The improbable success of Deadpool gives Fox a mandate to make superhero media weirder, smarter, and more subversive. Worst case: we get another Avengers clone with more sex and blood. Both scenarios make Fox a boatload of box-office money, so why not get a little weird? More

  • Colossus

    You Oughta Know: Colossus

    With comic book adaptations coming out at a rapid pace, fans will meet many new characters with extensive backstories. We’re here to introduce these characters to help lessen the learning curve.  Although the titular character is the real breakout from Deadpool, there’s another big one worth talking about. Colossus has appeared on the silver screen three […] More

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    Rick Remender Turns Deadpool into a Team Player in ‘Uncanny X-Force’

    In the pages of Rick Remender’s Uncanny X-Force, most of the members of that assassination team have lost something. Wolverine lost his son. Angel lost his life while Psylocke lost her love. Fantomex lost his independence. And Deadpool? Well, as in almost all things, Deadpool was the oddity in Remender’s story about the moral ambiguity of these heroes. More

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    Box Office Sabermetrics: ‘Deadpool’ and Steroids

      In 1996, relatively alright Baltimore Orioles Outfielder Brady Anderson had a career year, posting off-the-chart offensive numbers from out of nowhere. Previously hitting around .240 on a good day, and a home run high of 21 in 1992, he put up a .297/.396/1.034 line, 50 home runs, 110 RBIs, 37 doubles, 117 runs and […] More

  • Tim Miller

    Think ‘Deadpool’ Was Tim Miller’s First Superhero Project? Think Again

    With Deadpool’s frankly insane levels of success with fans and at the box office, director Tim Miller is already becoming a household name. But while Deadpool may be the first feature film Miller’s been at the helm of, this isn’t his first superhero-related project, something new-found fans are only just discovering. Cast your mind back to 2007, and you may remember […] More

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    To Better Know an Anti-Hero: Deadpool

    Deadpool’s road to super-stardom, from a 90s-riffic Liefeld character to movie star and perennial bestseller is an odd, almost-unprecedented one. Without a doubt the most successful (in terms of revenue-generation, multi-media exposure and overall popularity) solo Marvel character introduced after Wolverine, Deadpool was born amidst the dying gasps of New Mutants, a series that was being put to pasture in order to transform it into X-Force, a move intended to placate superstar artist Rob Liefeld by giving him a brand new series in which he could cut loose in EXTREME 90s fashion. More

  • Deadpool Header

    Deadpool: Everything you need to know

    Much like a pre-2008 Iron Man, Deadpool is a beloved character whose cult popularity has yet to reach mainstream audiences. In order to get moviegoers up to speed for the movie, here is a quick rundown on who Deadpool is and why his new film is significant. More

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