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    The 2014 Action Hero Power Rankings

    Some years are just great for certain genres, and this year was a great one for action. All across the board were films within different subgenres stepping up and delivering great action set pieces and characters. Consider the shot on the revolving tank gun revealing the totality of carnage in Dawn of the Planet of […] More

  • the equalizer 2014 review

    ‘The Equalizer’ serves up some action cliches, but mostly choice Denzel Washington

    While Denzel Washington shares the same name as Edward Woodward’s character from The Equalizer television show, that’s exactly where the similarities end. The word equalizer isn’t even mentioned except for the credits. Further establishing differences between the two McCalls are the digs they occupy. Rather than roll around in a flashy Jaguar, Washington’s McCall takes public transportation and spends his days in anonymity working for Home Depot. He comes home to a fairly bare apartment in a lower-class corner of Boston. Nights when Robert can’t sleep he reads Cervantes in diners. This life is simple and it’s what he promised someone he loved. More

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    The Definitive War Movies: 20-11

    Top twenty. Now we start to see the more widely recognizable films that people have some emotional attachment to. World War II gets a few mentions in this portion of the list, but this is one of the more diverse sections, overall. We get a mention of the Boer War, the Algerian War, and the […] More

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    What Have The Movies Taught Us About AIDS?

    The answer ranges from “not a lot” to “not the right things,” depending on how closely you observe. In the generation (30 years) since HIV/AIDS became a maligned social epidemic, only two American studio films, Philadelphia and now Dallas Buyers Club, have addressed the disease forthrightly. Other films have touched on it, of course. Larry Clark’s Kids and […] More

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    Mousterpiece Cinema, Episode 116: ‘Remember the Titans’

    The autumn has arrived, and with it, the grand sport of football, in which burly dudes suit up to run into each other’s bodies with blunt force. Ah, football. And it’s the topic of this week’s Mousterpiece Cinema, as Gabe and Josh talk about the 2000 Disney sports drama Remember the Titans. They’re joined by […] More

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    Cinema’s Greatest Villains: The 2000s

    Villains are an essential part of genre cinema.  Though scores of filmmakers have attempted to create truly great villains throughout the history of film, only a few have succeeded in achieving this difficult goal. This article will take a look at the great film villains of the 2000’s. The criteria for this article is the […] More

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    ‘2 Guns’ is a surprisingly entertaining action throwback

    In today’s trailer-analyzing, spoiler-focused culture, it’s a wonderful thing simply to be surprised by a film. The trailer for 2 Guns promised a bland, straightforward action movie starring Denzel Washington and Mark Wahlberg: wisecracks, gunfire, car chase, kidnapped girlfriend sets up an explosive climax. The actual film has all of those things in it, but they are connected in complex and unusual ways that remove all of the blandness and make the film much more enjoyable than might be expected. More

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    Almost Arthouse #4: ‘Flight’ & ‘The Man with the Iron Fists’

    In this episode of Almost Arthouse, Ty and Tom welcome guest Ethan Vestby to the show; the trio discuss Robert Zemeckis’ Flight starring Denzel Washington, the director’s return to live-action after a 12-year hiatus. Also on the docket this week, a countdown of the most anticipated films of the winter film season, and a review of the Kung […] More

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