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Puppies rejoice! ‘John Wick 2’ gets the greenlight

So yeah….I’d say I’m back….for a sequel. It seems like more badass Keanu Reeves is on the way as Forbes announced on Monday that Lionsgate has greenlit John Wick 2. The project will bring back Reeves as well as directors Chad Stahelski and David Leitch, and screenwriter Derek Kolstad. The first film was a surprise hit after grossing $43 million …

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‘John Wick’ kicks butt

John Wick is a beautiful ballet of death and destruction. It combines the brutal hand-to-hand combat of Jason Bourne with Ridley Scott’s visual sensibilities to create the perfect vehicle for Keanu Reeves. Here, Reeves struts his physicality and underrated comic timing to ratchet up the fun while he amasses a huge body count. It’s an ultra-slick, violence-worshipping extravaganza that will have you eating from the palm of its bloodstained hand.

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