Die Hard

‘Die Hard: Year One’ Volume 2 is a “Yippee”

In the first four issues of Die Hard: Year One, readers were let down by a plot overstuffed with characters and lacking any true resemblance of the tone of the original movies. This second volume, collecting issues 5-8, suffers a similar fate in that it fails to ignite any passion in the reader, instead going through the motions and producing an average comic book.


‘Die Hard: Year One’ Volume 1 has wasted potential

Die Hard: Year One is an eight issue miniseries published by BOOM! Studios in 2009-2010. Made up of two volumes of four issues each, the series begins with John McClane as a rookie beat cop learning the ropes and following orders from his superiors.

‘Die Hard’: The greatest Christmas movie ever

Forget all the sequels and their increasingly over the top set pieces (Chernobyl, really)? The first Die Hard is the one to beat. On top of it being perhaps the all-time greatest action film it also happens to be the best Christmas movie-ever.

The audacity of dope: ‘White House Down’ a goofy, fun ‘Die Hard’ rip-off

Subtlety is a skill Roland Emmerich has not mastered. Subtlety is not, nor ever will be, in his repertoire; it is likely as alien a concept to him as opposable thumbs are to all non-human creatures. Most of the time, his thudding portentousness doesn’t serve him well as a director, with previous misfires like The Day After Tomorrow, Godzilla, and 2012 lining his filmography, movies that are big and loud enough to make money despite being massively, unpleasantly stupid.

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