Doctor Who

Doctor Who S09E12

Doctor Who, Eps. 9.10–12

The curtain closes on Doctor Who series nine with the show’s first three-parter since series three and while it’s not perfect, the extended finale is a fitting end to what has been one of NuWho’s most consistent seasons.

Doctor Who S09E01

Doctor Who, Ep. 9.01, “The Magician’s Apprentice”

Unfortunately, after a fantastic setup, the season nine premiere squanders the goodwill it’s built over much of the hour by falling prey to a tired, and long overdue to be retired, genre cliché: the series-breaking cliffhanger.

Doctor Who Christmas Special Last Christmas 2014

Doctor Who, Ep. 9.00, “Last Christmas”

Doctor Who has a long history of Christmas specials, but surprisingly few have managed to capture the whimsy of the form while also having enough substance to leave an impression.

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