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    Eight Counts of Grand Theft Cinema

    We love crime movies. We may go on and on about Scorsese’s ability to incorporate Italian neo-realism techniques into Mean Streets (1973), the place of John Huston’s The Asphalt Jungle (1950) in the canon of postwar noir, The Godfather (1972) as a socio-cultural commentary on the distortion of the ideals of the American dream blah […] More

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    ‘Crime in the Streets’ is melodrama at its best

    Crime in the Streets Directed by Don Siegel Written by Reginald Rose U.S.A, 1956 Magic can be created on a studio set. Today, in 2012, filmmakers, critics cans fans alike take great pleasure in watching films which are said to have been filmed on location. Said decision to shoot a picture in a real world […] More

  • Jane Greer, Robert Mitchum The Big Steal (1949)

    Mitchum and Greer hablan español in ‘The Big Steal’

    The Big Steal Directed by Don Siegel Screenplay by Daniel Mainwaring U.S.A. 1949 What does it is matter if one possesses a powerful, booming voice if one cannot use it to the full extent? Robert Mitchum, Hollywood legend and an actor whose voice could sound like that of a giant when pulling those vocals chords […] More

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    Don And Dirty: The Career of Don Siegel

    Under-appreciated throughout much of his career, with his early work made up of catch-as-catch-can projects, his credits meandering from Westerns (The Beguiled, 1971; The Shootist, 1976) to science fiction (Invasion of the Body Snatchers, 1956), war stories (Hell Is for Heroes, 1962), period pieces (The Verdict, 1946), crime stories (Dirty Harry, 1971; Charley Varrick, 1973), […] More