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    When Comedy meets Horror

    Continuing on from part one, when comedy meets horror is an attempt to track the most interesting examples of films that mix comedy and horror together. As a genre, its possibly the one that can be pinpointed as the biggest perpetrator for bad horror movies. For example, Scary Movie is the film that comes to mind with […] More

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    Seven Movie Posters That Will Blow Your Mind

    Artist Sam Coyne created this movie poster for Sam Raimi’s Drag Me to Hell. [reelizer] Here is another beauty called Keep Calm and Carrie On from  A Glass Half-Full of Pessimism Inception by artist Laz Marquez The King’s Speech by Adam Simpson The Social Network by Adam Simpson CHUD Salutes The Thing First Week of […] More

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    The 100 Best Films of the Decade: 2000 – 2009 (part 6)

    Before I get to number 49 I feel the need to list fifty honorable mentions. This is a very personal list and I am confident that I could have easily chosen 100 foreign language films or 100 independent art house films and skipped out on all the Hollywood flicks, but I decided to go with […] More

  • Top 10 Horror Films of 2009

    1- The Children The concept of killer kids is nothing new, but The Children can safely join the list of great horror movies like The Omen, Home Movie, The Exorcist, The Innocents and Village of the Damned. The film is directed by Tom Shankland who also adapted the script form a story by Paul Andrew […] More

  • Spike TV’s ‘Scream 2009 Results

    The star-studded event known as The Spike TV Scream Awards was held Saturday October 18th at the Greek Theatre. The event honored the best in sci-fi, horror, fantasy and comic-inspired movies and TV shows. Fans voted online for the winners, so some of the year’s most popular programs and big box-office hits took home trophies, […] More

  • Top 10 Films of 2009 so far.

    As the summer winds down, I decided to make my list of my ten favorite films so far in the year. With TIFF and Oscar season on their way, there’s a good chance that only half these films will make my top ten come the end of the year, but I felt the need to […] More

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    The Ten Best and Five Worst Films of 2009 (So Far)

    2009’s Ten Best and Five Worst Films (So Far) We’re technically over halfway through 2009, but a disproportionately large number of great films tend to spring up in the latter months of the year, so let’s call it halfway for the sake of our collective sanity. It hasn’t been a terrific year for filmgoing so […] More

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    The Genius of Sam Raimi

    To many horror fans, director Sam Raimi’s name should only be spoken by a chorus of angels, followed by an inner-thigh mopping for those blessed enough to hear the hallowed invocation. His Evil Dead trilogy ran the gamut of hardcore gore to slapstick comedy, and created a cult icon out of Bruce Campbell, who played […] More

  • 15 most memorable characters in Sam Raimi’s movies.

    15- Donnie Barksdale in The Gift Actor: Keanu Reeves Memorable quote: “Messing with the Devil is gonna get you burned. Everybody knows that.” Say what you will about Keanu Reeves, but given the right project, proper casting, and competent direction, the man can do a decent job. He is far from outstanding in The Gift, […] More

  • Sam Raimi’s star Vehicle

    When thinking of stars who appear in a Sam Raimi film, Bruce Campbell is the first name to come to mind. What people don’t realize is that Sam Raimi’s star vehicle is a 1973 Delta 88 Oldsmobile. The car was first seen way back in Evil Dead driven by Ash. In fact the car in […] More

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