Voltron: From the Ashes #1

‘Voltron’ #1 suffers in execution, but promises better things to come

Voltron: From the Ashes #1 is Dynamite’s latest Voltron series (after last year’s Robotech/Voltron crossover), and while the first issue is something of a mixed bag in terms of execution and may alienate long-time fans in the direction it establishes for the series, it’s definitely trying something new in an attempt to revitalize the property and raise it up to the level of its 80s-era peers.

Prepare to be Rick-rolled by a warlock in ‘LFG’ #5

As with the previous issues of Looking for Group, issue #5 is worth the cover price for Richard’s antics alone. This is an excellent series featuring high fantasy adventure and plenty of humor. MMORPG and pen and paper RPG players as well as fantasy fans of any stripe should not miss out on this series.

‘Red Sonja and Jungle Girl’ #1 is a barbarian buddy comedy

Red Sonja and Jungle Girl #1 is a tie-in to Dynamite’s summer Swords of Sorrow event featuring all their female characters from this comic’s heroines to Dejah Thoris, Princess of Mars, Vampirella, and even obscure Shadow villain, Black Sparrow. It gives readers their first look at the character of Jana the Jungle Girl since Swords of Sorrow #1 and also answers the question about what happened to Red Sonja after she fought Dejah Thoris in Swords of Sorrow #2. But writer Marguerite Bennett and artist Mirka Andolfo ensure that this comic isn’t mere connective tissue until the next issue of Swords of Sorrow drops with Sonja’s usual quick wit firing on all cylinders, some great comic misunderstandings, and fast fight scenes and beautiful jungle vistas from Andolfo. They also introduce readers to the pre-Bronze Age world of Jungle Girl, and how the Prince and his army are doing more than trying to make heroines kill each other.

‘Looking for Group’ #1: stacked stats

It’s fair enough to say that the webcomics community and the mainstream comics industry are every constantly amalgamating into one entity. If it’s not clear enough with names like Noelle Stevenson and Ryan North being printed on books from the big two, Dynamite is coming out this week with an issue of the long running webcomic Looking for Group.

‘Shadow/Grendel’ #1 Is a Fine Example of the Noir Style

Matt Wagner’s noir style villain Grendel has returned, and penned by the man himself! Wagner, who has in recent years completed runs on Dynamite’s Zorro and Green Hornet series, brings his classic baddie back in time to the pulp-novel settings of 1930’s New York. Hunter Rose, Grendel’s alter ego, has added to his collection of rare artifacts an urn once in the possession of the vile Shaiwan Khan. Inside the urn is an ancient scroll that, when read aloud, sends Rose back to the 1930’s. Without missing a beat, Rose begins to set up shop in New York’s seedy underworld.

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