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  • A Story of Children and Film Mark Cousins

    EIFF 2013: ‘A Story of Children and Film’ is an enthralling, distinctive cine-essay

    In his latest project, Mark Cousins treats us to a broad and sweeping analysis of the ways in which children are captured in film. His starting point is a candid home video of his young niece and nephew, Laura and Ben, playing in his Edinburgh flat, which enables him to identify some of the archetypal representations of children in film. It takes the form of a personal cine-essay, using spontaneous connections and free association to build affinities between the most disparate of films and work towards a kind of conclusion. Drawing on extracts from 53 films from around the world, Cousins proves once again to be a knowledgeable and insightful commentator, a true cinephile of extraordinary scope. More

  • spielberglucas

    Titans: George Lucas v. Steven Spielberg (part 1)

    George Lucas and Steven Spielberg.  Three and a half decades after their breakout successes, they remain arguably two of the most potent brand names in American entertainment and understandably so.  Probably more than any other two individuals, they have been – for good or for ill — responsible for a massive reconfiguration of media entertainment, […] More