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    The Definitive Original Screenplays: 20-11

    The top 20. The scripts by which all others are defined and to which all others are compared. Brilliant scripts can be wordy. Brilliant scripts can be confusing. Brilliant scripts can be sweeping or intimate. This section runs the gamut, ranging from first time writers to established writing vets. It only gets better from here. […] More

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    Two Incredible Posters for Easy Rider and Taxi Driver

    Tommy Good and the Astor Theater, a Melbourne, Australia based theater, are known for producing beautiful posters for their screenings of classic action/sci-fi films such as Predator, Die Hard and Blade Runner.  They just released two brand new posters for the classic ’70s films Taxi Driver and Easy Rider. Easy Rider – created by Robert […] More

  • The Best And Worst of Dennis Hopper

    He He was a cowboy, an outlaw biker, a drug fiend, a madman, a criminal, a gun nut, a hippie, a Republican, and an Obama supporter. Hopper was also a prolific photographer, painter, and sculptor. His painting style ranged from abstract impressionism to photorealism and often included references to his cinematic work and to other […] More

  • News: Twitter Death? / Karate Kid remake / Easy Rider re-boot?

    Twittered to Death: Patrick Swayze (identified by the BBC as “Dirty Dancing star Patrick Swayze”) was the victim of a cruel practical joke after “Florida radio station Kiss FM posted a Twitter message saying the 56-year-old had passed away. It was later removed.”  After that worm got out of the can,   “…the rumour spread quickly […] More