Ed Brisson

‘The Last Contract’ #4 is a bullet-riddled finale

The Last Contract is ultimately the story of a man, a nameless hitman, who represents, in a Sisyphus-like manner, someone who cannot escape the world and activities they have been cursed to repeat. Even after retirement and an attempt at making a life for himself, The Man has found himself in the middle of a heated scenario.

‘The Last Contract’ #2 adds some tension by slowing down the pace

The first issue of The Last Contract introduced the main character without a name, designated only as ‘The Man.’ He was last left off on the hunt, forced out of retirement, for a blackmailer who holds some information that ties The Man and a fellow criminal named Burrell amongst others to a list of hits that, if publicized, would reveal their hidden businesses.

‘The Last Contract’ #1 is a stylish and intriguing beginning

The Last Contract starts off with a heavy foot to the pedal, creating a world quite quickly with characters that have a real sense of history. It is very difficult to take a hitman as a character and produce a story that feels fresh and exciting but it appears that this title is in more than capable hands.

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