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    Survivor: Caramoan 26.9, “Cut Off the Head of the Snake”: Ridiculous finish keeps everyone guessing

    There are many Survivor episodes where the outcome is predictable, and it’s fairly easy to describe what just happened. Those are the norm because players rarely stray from the safest move to go forward. Living in a different universe are the outliers that leave even the most able-minded fan yelling “what just happened?” This week is one of those wonderful episodes. Malcolm overplays his hand and seems destined to go home, but a desperate play to get Reynold’s idol keeps him safe. What he doesn’t know is that he isn’t getting any votes. Worried about her own security, Andrea leads the charge for a safer plan and gets the majority to take out Michael. More

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    ‘The Possession’ has neither the structure nor the strength to withstand its running time

    The Possession Directed by Ole Bornedal Written by Juliet Snowden, Stiles White USA, 2012 The ‘Eddie’ is an award given by the American Cinema Editors for achievement in film editing.  The ‘Razzie’ is an award given by disgruntled moviegoers for recognition in the worst of filmmaking.  If the two ever joined forces (the ‘Readdies’?), Ole […] More