Elizabeth Mitchell

Television that Home Video Forgot: V (2009)

There might not be another show that is more fitting to commemorate Mother’s Day with than this series, which happens to be all about mothers and what they are willing to do to protect their children or in this case, an entire race. The themes of motherhood are built into the genetics of this series, particularly with Anna’s stronghold and issues with both her daughter and her own mother. Another reason to feature this series is because it is not often remembered well, perhaps because it does not live up to the original series, as most would’ve thought it should. There are probably plenty of reasons as to why this series is not favorably considered by critics—perhaps it’s too soapy or too cookie cutter to be a true revival of the ideas and themes of the original series—but if one disassociates this show from the original series, there is a good chance that audiences will find that there is something here that is worth revisiting.

Revolution, Ep. 1.14: “The Night the Lights went out in Georgia” goes beyond the Monroe Republic borders while revealing more about the nanites

While Revolution’s entire run to date has focused on the Monroe Republic, details have indicated that the collapse of the government following the loss of power led to numerous rogue factions taking control of various parts of the former United States, with Monroe and Miles only getting one part of it. The prospect of seeing how the other areas were ruled, and how the people in other parts of the country had coped with the loss of power, has thus been a very intriguing one, and it is this idea that the show explores this week, in an episode that opens up some intriguing new avenues for the show to explore.

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