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    New ‘Regression’ trailer with Emma Watson, Ethan Hawke

    We first got a look at Regression, a sinister detective thriller from Alejandro Amenábar (The Others), his first film since 2009, back in February when an international teaser was released. Now this first full trailer pegs Ethan Hawke as a detective investigating a young woman’s (Emma Watson) accusation of her father’s crimes involving a secretive organization and […] More

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    Watch Emma Watson and Ethan Hawke in tense ‘Regression’ trailer

    With Ethan Hawke coming off Boyhood and also finding himself in Andrew Niccol’s latest, and Emma Watson being cast as Belle in Disney’s live action Beauty and the Beast, Alejandro Amenábar Regression has made an interesting pairing with two actors currently hitting a powerful stride. Regression is a creepy thriller about a young woman (Watson) who […] More

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    Week in Review: Sundance movies coming soon to a theater near you

    We’ve been relishing the chance to be in Park City again this year for Sundance, despite the fact that for the first time in the festival’s history no movies are being screened on 35mm. That said, some already incredible movies have received awards and much deserved buzz. Most notable among them is Don Hertzfeld’s animated World of Tomorrow, which […] More

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    Witchcraft Wednesdays: Praising Hermione Granger Like You Should

    Even before Emma Watson took the stage at the UN to give a speech about feminism, and before the video was shared by everyone you know on Facebook, and everyone was talking about her and whether she should be the face of modern feminism…before all that, she was still our boss ass witch. Throughout all eight Harry Potter films, Watson played Hermione Granger, the female member of the Holy Trinity that also included Harry and Ron Weasley. Though Harry is ostensibly the hero of the series, considering it’s named after him, Hermione is the ingenious character and the one that saves the day more often than not. Many have pointed this out, but it’s worth saying it explicitly: Hermione Granger is the hero of the Harry Potter series.

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    ‘The Bling Ring’ a shiny, surface-level examination of selfish young thieves

    The 2013 vision of the American dream is one of grossly vapid and misplaced entitlement, if the movies have anything to say about it. As much as coming-of-age stories like Mud and The Kings of Summer are building a trend at the halfway point of the year, the new age of narcissism is making an equally bold rush on Western cinema: first, Spring Breakers; then, Pain and Gain; and now, Sofia Coppola throws her hat in with The Bling Ring, a deliberately dispassionate look at some famous-for-wanting-to-be-famous kids who stole from the rich simply because they could. More

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    ‘The Bling Ring’ vapid and entertaining

    The Bling Ring Written and Directed by Sofia Coppola USA, 2013 Her career was born in the excesses of the 1990s and Sofia Coppola’s career trajectory has brought her through one of the worst economic crisis’ in recent history and a period of social seriousness that she seems quite frankly out of step with. In […] More

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    ‘This Is The End’ Image Gallery

    While Seth Rogen’s acting profile has noticeably risen over the last few years to firmly plant him in A-list territory, his writing career has also seen an upswing, as he has shared writing duties with frequent collaborator Evan Goldberg on films such as Superbad and Pineapple Express. For their next project, however, the screenwriting team has chosen to […] More

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