Evil Dead

‘Army of Darkness’ hits the ‘Furious Road’ with new miniseries

As an introduction, Army of Darkness: Furious Road sets out to do its job without getting too bogged down in the details. Collins and Baal dive right into the action, setting up this interesting team of characters on a mission to find the Necronomicon and to fight off Deadites while doing so. By choosing to wait on bringing Ash in, it gives more of an idea of what the universe is like outside of him while giving the other characters a chance to shine. The only question is will it remain that way once everyone’s favorite screwhead Ash becomes a major player in the next issue.

‘Army of Darkness’ is the great outlier in the Evil Dead franchise, and maybe its most important entry

To say that Sam Raimi’s Army of Darkness came off the heels of Evil Dead II would be inaccurate. The truth of the matter is that the Evil Dead films are like the Alien movies insofar as their individual releases are several years apart. 6 years separate the first two entries, and another 6 between the latter two (officially speaking, Army’s premier was in 1992, a cool 5 years after the second picture). That’s an amazingly long time between films, especially in a genre such as horror, which has the nasty little habit of cranking out sequels like it was nobody’s business.

Horror-Comedies: Sam Raimi’s ‘Evil Dead 2’

One of the best at blending the two genres is Sam Raimi, whose answer to the question of why horror and comedy go together is his Evil Dead trilogy, which crackles with the energy of a mad scientist’s concoction.The Evil Dead II is largely considered the best of the three, taking the camp, gore, and over-the-top situation from the original and cranking it up past eleven.

Lovecraft by Any Other Name: 10 Films Inspired by H.P. Lovecraft

H.P. Lovecraft doesn’t translate to film very well. Many have tried, few have succeed. Lovecraft’s stories are mood-driven, using his dense antiquarian writing style to tell tales that say so much while unfolding so little in terms of action. This doesn’t exactly lend itself to a cinematic adaptation. Yet several films have found a way to tackle Lovecraft without actually adapting Lovecraft. The following films pay tribute to Lovecraft without actually adapting any of his stories.


Film4 Frightfest – Day 4: ‘Antisocial’ suffers from ubsubtle sermonising on social media

Not long after Jeremy Renner and Gemma Arterton reimagined the fairytale duo for the Twilight generation, Hansel and Gretel Get Baked offers a marginally more laidback interpretation on the fable for those more inclined towards other slacker duos like Jay and Silent Bob or Harold and Kumar. Director Duane Journey trades in traditional Gothic horror sensibilities for a stoned-eye view of suburbia, priding home-grown fantasy over full-blown horror.

‘Evil Dead’ remake a nasty, bloody yet entertaining affair

Addiction is a fierce beast, a monster that takes many shapes and can consume people whole, at least if you look at it a certain way. It’s not a very subtle analogy, but one at the heart of the grim new film Evil Dead, based in no small part on the seminal horror film from the early 1980s that vaulted Sam Raimi into mainstream fame.

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