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    Watch a Short Documentary on Bansky

    A new short documentary called Printing Banksy: Modern Multiples Creates the LA Prints puts a new spin on Banksy’s 2006 Los Angeles art show Barely Legal, the exhibition featured in the Academy Award nominated documentary Exit Through the Gift Shop. The short was created by Brad Beyer and Robert Dragan and focuses on the collaboration […] More

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    Guild Awards for Editing & Sound Mixing Announced

    The American Cinema Editors handed out their “Eddie Awards” and with no surprise The Social Network was named the best edited feature-length drama. Alice in Wonderland won in the comedy/musical category, Toy Story 3 in the animated category and finally Exit Through the Gift Shop won in the documentary category. Modern Family, The Walking Dead, […] More

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    Videocast: Front Row Center Episode 1b: Oscar Talk

    Are you already sick of Oscar coverage? Tough luck, ’cause Justine and Simon have some thoughts on the major categories at this year’s festivities, so if you’re planning an Oscar pool – well, maybe look elsewhere, ’cause frankly Simon’s batting average isn’t all that great. (Just ask his wallet.) Anyway, in this first installment, they’ll […] More

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    Banksy Has Arrived In Hollywood

    Exit Through the Gift Shop is one of five nominees this year in the documentary feature category at the Oscars. The others are: Restrepo, Gasland, Inside Job and Waste Land, and while those other four are fine features, it seems Exit Through The Gift Shop is all anyone cares about. The anonymous artist will be […] More

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    The Academy Doesn’t Want Any Banksy Hijinx At The Ceremony

    According to The Wrap, out of this year’s roughly 200 Oscar nominees, the Academy is hoping that all but one of them show up at the Kodak Theatre on February 27. The problematic nominee of course being Banksy, the “director” and maybe “star” of the nominated documentary Exit Through the Gift Shop. The Academy’s executive […] More

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    Banksy Begins Street Art Oscar Campaign?

    We here at Sound On Sight have been raving about Exit through the Gift Shop for about a year now. The documentary (if you want to call it that) made our top ten list, and last week it was nominated for the Best Documentary Oscar at the 83rd Annual Academy Awards. This week we’ve begun […] More

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    BAFTA Announces 2011 Film Award Nominees

    The British Academy of Film and Television Arts (BAFTA) have announced their nominations for the 2011 BAFTA Awards (the British equivalent of the Oscars). There’s no real big surprises on the list. The Social Network has been dominating awards circles in North America but The King’s Speech is leading the BAFTAs with 14 nominations, including Best […] More

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    2010 Golden Tomato Awards Announced

    Rotten Tomatoes has announced their 2010 Golden Tomato Awards. Everyone already knows that Toy Story 3 was the best-reviewed wide-release of 2010, but it is still interesting to see which other nine made the top ten. You can see the list below but first here are a few interesting facts. This marks the fourth year […] More

  • Sound On Sight’s Best Films of 2010 – part 3

    #10 – Let Me In Directed by Matt Reeves Based on the best-selling Swedish novel “Let The Right One In” by John Ajvide Lindqvist, and the highly-acclaimed film of the same name, Let Me In is a haunting, provocative thriller and in many ways is better than the original. While originally pegged as their own […] More

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    Best Films of 2010 #2 – ‘Exit Through the Gift Shop’

    In Orson Welles’ sleight-of-hand manifesto F for Fake, the notoriously puckish writer-director took on the notion of “expertise” – ostensibly in the world of high-class art, but really as a general concept, as a way of subtly lashing out at his detractors, as well as repositioning the very concept of moviemaking as a kind of […] More

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    Sound On Sight Radio #250: Top 10 of 2010

    Recently we celebrated our 250th episode of the Sound On Sight podcast. It was a huge success with Adam Kempenaar of Filmspotting and Matt Singer of the IFC podcast joining us for reviews of True Grit and Tron Legacy. We also counted down our top ten films of 2010 and in case you missed it, […] More

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