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  • Fantasia 2000

    Mousterpiece Cinema, Episode 46: ‘Fantasia 2000’

    Though it took sixty years for Disney to make a follow-up to the 1940 classic Fantasia, it’s only taken Josh, Gabe, and Michael a month to discuss it on the podcast. This week, your three intrepid hosts join forces for the first time without guests to take a look at Fantasia 2000. What are their […] More

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    Extended Thoughts on ‘Fantasia 2000’

    Fantasia 2000 Directed by Don Hahn, Pixote Hunt, Hendel Butoy, Eric Goldberg, James Algar, Francis Glebas, and Paul and Gaetan Brazzi Starring Steve Martin, Bette Midler, Penn and Teller, Angela Lansbury Achieving balance is one of the great high-wire acts of family films. Some filmmakers attempt to make universal pieces of entertainment, to appeal to […] More